Spotlight on a stallholder – Kim

December 2013 A Plus Market (Altona)

spotlight on a stall holder

Those that have come to an A Plus Market comment on how enjoyable their shopping experience is, casual, accepting, pressure free and fun!

This welcoming vibe is created by the very friendly stallholders who are set to have a fun day. Although I am yet to meet Kim in person, this brief introduction clues me in that she is not an exception and is in fact a whirlwind of fun.

Here’s a little bit about stallholder Kim and her fashion.

Kim loves music, fashion, jewellery and shoes. In fact she really loves shoes, proffessing to have lost count of the numbers of pairs at 230 (now I’m not the best maths head but that’s near 500 individual shoes!)
I’m thinking where does she keep them? Is she a centipede?
But I guess your thinking,

Here are Kim’s responses to some questions I put to her.

In a few words describe your fashion style?

Very eclectic, one day it can be very punk/rock and then the next it can be described as trendy,  some other days very conservative.
I dress depending on my mood. 

Do you have a fashion icon? Who is it and why?

I do love the whole Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen aesthetic and once again I think it comes back to the whole punk/rock thing. When I get old though I want to be like Iris Apfel!

Do you prefer colours or patterns or neither?

I like both!  I have lots of colours and patterns and black, black, black.  I love it all!

What is you favourite event to dress for? Why and what would you wear?

I just love dressing up whatever the occasion.  Even just dinner with girlfriends.  One of my recent favourite outfits is a beautiful blood red wrap dress,  accessorised with turquoise jewellery (necklace and ring) and strappy heels. I love that outfit.

When you really don’t have anything to wear, what is it you actually wear?

Without fail it would be a black dress, denim or leather jacket, lace up black boots, scarf of some kind and a statement ring.

Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?

I think this market is a fantastic idea.  It’s great tobe able to go to a market and know that you canactually find something to fit and not in just one ortwo of the stalls but in them all.

To complete here latest wardrobe cull, Kim will be selling off clothes that will include a lot of City Chic, Myer and ASOS as well as Lane Bryant and Autograph amongst others.

It will be great to see you,
Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre
5 Sargood St, ALTONA.

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