CCR from the inside


The Curvy Couture Roadshow (CCR) has now been and gone. Many of you were there (thanks so much for coming) and many more of you have probably now seen the coverage showing just how amazingly epic this past weekend’s event was (if you haven’t check out the CCR Facebook page here).
Poster Girls Medium
Some of you may not though know that I was one of the core committee members who slaved over the past months to get this production off the ground and into the history books (it’s great to blow your own horn every now and then, no? Toot Toot!). So this post is a little bit about that and a little bit about how the event was for A Plus Market.

I am very proud and honoured to have worked on this event, namely because of the wonderful team I worked alongside. Each member played a pivotal role in making this all happen. I thank them for their effort but also just for being the hardworking creative individuals that they are.

The team comprised of Kate Millett from Bombshell Vintage who thankfully shared her vision and brought together such an awesome get it done team, Kerry Pietrobon from Harlow who sustained such enthusiasm (what an inspiration), Teresa Raso from Hey Fatty, a gorgeous level headed, passionate woman full of belly laughs, Jessica West of Fox Parse, so hardworking, clever and kind and lastly but not least Jess Tracey, this girl is an absolute cracker and has an awesome fashion IG check it out here.

There are so many other wonderful people who were involved in making this all happen, you can see the full list of thanks here.


The fashionable line up awaiting the event. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Emme.


So onto the A Plus Market side of things…..

A Plus Market held a mini pop up market stall within the CCR market arena. Due to my obligations as a committee member I wasn’t manning the stall as much as I would have wanted, so missed saying “Hi’ to many of you :(.

Instead the ever fun and wonderful Ayse and hardworking Bec from Parlour manned the stall to showcase to the masses what A Plus Market is all about.
I am so appreciative of these two girls as they not only made it possible for A Plus Market’s stall to run but also meant I could tend to all the little things that needed to get done behind the scenes.


The packed out A Plus Market stall. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Emme


The A Plus Market stall showcased just a small portion of our regular stall holders (some more where even there on the own accord, Yay). Available were the most comfortable and lovely plus sized PJ’s around from Big Blossom’s PJ’s. These hung alongside Parlour’s very pretty skirts, Suniitopaz Creations eclectic and original handmade jewellery and belly dance belts and Pretty vixen’s vintage collection. Our ever popular pre-loved stallholder Ayse brought with her a range of contemporary and fashionable pieces which sat beside A Plus Market’s very own pre-loved and vintage collection. So much to fit in such a small area, but it still looked fantastic and was very well received.

In fact we had many memorable customers which were not limited but included, the lovely Ashley Rose (watch out for the announcement of her stall at an upcoming A Plus Market) bought a gorgeous pink coat (check it out here) and the very beautiful plus sized model Hayley Hasselhoff bought herself a groovy purple vintage dress (can’t wait to see her in it).

So that was all very exciting! Hope to see you next time, if not before 😉