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A Plus Market is all about ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

We strive to bring you a whole gamut of plus size fashion choices allowing you to grab a bargain or treat yourself to a one off piece, all while being sustainable and ethical.
Recently, we’ve been in contact with another who holds sustainability high in their list of priorities. The lovely Faye De Lanty of Totally Wild fame now fronts Fashion Hound.
Fashion Hound is all about reusing and reducing our fashion footprint. Showing us that that second hand can definitely be sexy and slick. Now Faye’s focus is not plus size though as she share’s A Plus Market’s sustainable ethos and promotes pre-loved style in a fun and informative manner, we tip our hat to her.

For a bit of fun Faye agreed to partake in a Q and A. Faye shares some great tips on how to love fashion in a more sustainable way.
Why is sustainability/sustainable fashion important to you? 

I could write forever on this! But here’s the ‘cliffs notes’ 😉

While I have always been into vintage and op shopping, Fashion Hound started during a time when I was living overseas and seriously on my hustle – I couldn’t afford to buy fancy new things so I had to find a way to make second hand look chic. Out of necessity I realised the exciting opportunity I was creating to use fashion as a platform to make a difference. Thrift shopping and a sustainable style mindset not only helps people in need but it helps our planet too.

What are three things an individual can do to reduce their fashion footprint?

1.Thrift Shop/Op Shop…did you know that it takes over 8000 litres to produce enough cotton to make 1 pair of denim jeans!? That’s like watering your lawn for 9 hours non stop.

We already have so much stuff, why not look at ways to reuse it?

2. Donate what you don’t wear anymore – keep your wardrobe rotating, help people less fortunate and create good fashion karma. Having a clean out is so therapeutic too.

3. DIY/Customise/UpCycle…so much of what we see in the mags and on celebrities can easily be recreated with a bit of sneaky craft action. Distress denim and t-shirts with a cheese grater to get that worn in look most people pay hundreds sometimes even thousands for. Give an old garment new life with embellishment – Glue a blingy necklace onto a clutch for a fancy new look, add feathers to the hem of a skirt, try a cluster of brooches on a jacket lapel. Dowload my ebook for free on my website and get my tips.


For those that love to buy new clothes, can you recommend what they should be on the look out for to help them make more sustainable choices?

Do your research and find out which brands have a more environmentally friendly ethos, the great news is a lot of them do now! Log onto their website and look for their ‘giving back’ or ‘sustainability’ page…if they are doing ethically sound things chances are they’ll let you know.
Stella McCartney is super green and even High St brands like H&M have really stepped it up. The recent Fashion Revolution Day was fantastic and encouraged consumers to ask brands #WhoMadeYourClothes…labels should definitely be accountable for making sure good practice is in place.

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What is it you love about fashion?

The story, the creativity, the opportunity to make a huge positive difference, to inspire and allow people to dream and desire. From my perspective with what I do, I love making people say ‘Wow, did you really get that from a thrift store!’ It’s super cool to blow peoples minds and perceptions.

What do you think should be in every girls wardrobe?

Boyfriend jeans, a great black tux, a white tee, a trench, a classic black dress and pointy toe pump, some bold bling…start with the fashion fundamentals and build from there. With thrift shopping you can get all these items at an amazing price point and don’t think for a second they won’t be great quality. Have a sniff around, I found a DIOR jacket the other day!

Do you have a piece of clothing you just can’t part with even though you don’t or can’t use anymore? What is it and why do you love it?

I actually have the least amount of clothes I have ever had but ironically I feel I have so much to wear. By culling all the things I really don’t need or wear my dressing is so much more defined now…but I do have a pink Dior ‘girly reporter’ bag from about 10 years ago that I must admit I’m still hanging on to…she’s super cute.

If you are having one of those days when you feel less than fabulous, what piece of clothing do you turn to and why?

A comfy boyfriend jean and slouchy sweater but I’ll spruce it up with some serious bling, a heel and good hair and get myself out into the fresh air.

Shoes or handbags?

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Check out the Fashion Hound website for more sustainable fashion inspiration and make sure you get down to the next A Plus Market to put some of these tips into action!

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