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A Plus Market (Preston)

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A Plus Market has been bringing together a wonderful selection of plus size fashion for you, for one whole year now.

That’s right A Plus Market is celebrating it’s FIRST BIRTHDAY this weekend!
And what better way to celebrate than with CAKE!

With absolute delight we are excited to announce that 100 of lucky A Plus Market goers will be sharing in free cupcake, generously provided by Natalie’s Cupcakes!

A Plus Market white cake

FREE CAKE! – Not one but 100 FREE CAKES!!!!!

“When? and Where?”, I hear you say.

Well as with any good 1 year old Birthday party the celebratory cake unveiling and traditional blowing of the candles time s a heavily guarded secret, it will be a surprise!
You are just going to have to be there, at the where (which is detailed below)
A PLus Market plate of cakes
And if now you are thinking, “Sad face, I can’t eat cake because I’m vegan” or
“Sad face, I can’t eat cake because I’m gluten intolerant”.

Well, Natalie’s Cupcakes are totally the answer.

You’ll be saying “Happy face, FREE CAKE!” because Natalie’s Cupcakes brings delicious, affordable cupcakes to everyone, but particularly those with food intolerances or avoidances.

All cupcakes are vegan and are easily made gluten free.
Natalie uses fresh, local ingredients to bring you innovative twists on traditional flavours.

As well as popping up at markets in Melbourne’s inner north, Natalie’s Cupcakes are available for your event: morning tea, afternoon tea, high tea, birthday party, engagement party, wedding, whatever you can think of!
The business is also expanding! Through a crowdfunding campaign, Natalie’s Cupcakes hopes to be able to bring you A Mad Tea Party: artisan teas and gourmet cupcakes delivered and served from bicycle!It’s part of her commitment to the environment and doing what she can do to reduce her carbon footprint.

 A Plus Market Natalie on her bikeHow awesome is Natalie?
You can find her online HERE or follow her on Facebook and better still come by
A Plus Market this Saturday!
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