Spotlight on a Stallholder – Julie


spotlight on a stall holder

 A Plus Market is THE place to go to enjoy a range of fabulous plus size fashion.
Especially if you are on the hunt for pre-loved bargains.

The upcoming Wantirna A Plus Market is no exception.
There is as always a terrific line up of stall holders.

First, we are introducing one of the fashion forward ladies who will be offering up pieces selected for you from her own wardrobe.

Julie A PLus Market

Julie is a self-confessed crazy cat lady who loves to read trashy novels has a nostalgic weakness for 80’s music and absolutely loves shopping, can’t resist a sale and of course LOVE’s FASHION!

Sounds just like me and you, right?
I can’t wait to shop her wardrobe.

For some fun, Julie has agreed to share some of her interests and style tips with us.

Describe your fashion style?

Girly, I live in dresses and skirts – it is a rare event that sees me wearing trousers. For years my wardrobe was mostly black, but I am trying to incorporate more colour these days. Nothing better than a pretty floral frock on a sunny spring day.

What do you love about fashion?

I love that beautiful clothes make me feel confident and gorgeous. I love how 20 women can wear exactly the same dress and yet each can put their own spin on it and it can create a completely different look. I love being able to create a look to suit an occasion or mood – all this with just pieces of fabric. Amazing!

What is you more favourite fashion era?

I love the 1950’s and 1960’s – classic style!

Describe your go to outfit?

A cute dress, leggings and a cardigan with a sweet brooch. This is my everyday uniform – workdays, weekends, nights out etc – all just variations on the same theme.

Describe your fantasy best outfit ever.

The one that you haven’t found yet but wish it existed? Being a classic apple shape – I would love a dress which gives me the perfect hourglass shape with a defined waist, which isn’t too tight and is super comfortable to sit down in (preferably with sleeves).

Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?

I have a bursting wardrobe and I don’t have the time or energy to sell online (taking photos, creating listings, packing and going to the post office – it’s all too hard). I need to clear out the things that don’t work for me, but will work for someone else – recycling at its best.

What are you selling?

I have quite a few items which are either brand new, or worn once or twice. I have some lovely long dresses for more formal occasions, some casual dresses, skirts and tops – mostly in sizes 20 – 24. I also have a couple of pairs of brand new shoes and some costume jewellery. Hopefully something for everyone.

Come along to A Plus Market Wantirna,
meet Julie I person and free her of bursting wardrobe.

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