Spotlight on a Stallholder: Ms. Annalog


spotlight on a stall holderA Plus Market has so many amazing factors, top of the list is the community involved; the wonderful stallholders and fabulous visitors. A close second, the wide diversity of plus size fashion.


Each market we get to know so many wonderful women. this market one of which will be Ms. Anna log.

Ms Annalog A Plus Market

Ms Anna Log, you may know as the singer from La Bastard, Tarzanna from Roller Derby (retired) or the blogger who tries to reconcile body positivity, fashion, feminism and thrifting all in a stylish bow. Below Ms Anna log has answered some fun and some serious questions, I think it’s a great read, so…

Firstly can you describe your fashion style?

Depending on what my body is doing and how I’m feeling my style can range anywhere between cute to rock n’ roll. At the moment you’d probably catch me wearing a vintage or vintage style dress, a blunt fringe and a quirky brooch, but that might change- Regardless of whatever phase I’m going through though I’m generally drawn to ‘interesting’ prints and white accessories.


What do you love and what do you hate about fashion?

Well, let’s start with the bad. I hate that the ‘aspirational’ side of fashion means that people potentially feel excluded (and can be) from the ability to express themselves to their fullest, be that because they feel their body isn’t worthy to wear a bright print or bikini, or just because it isn’t available (though this relates to more plus size fashion I guess…) I also feel that people can get so wrapped up with getting a ‘bargain’ sometimes with cheap and fast fashion that they just forget the impact which it has on people at a local and global level, as well the environment we live in. A new $30 dollar dress might only last one season for you, but the below living wage and landfill it takes up has such a greater impact than you realise.



On the plus size (ha! Get it??) I love that fashion can give us the ability to play, and express ourselves however we wish, if we want to. Once you see that trends, styles and what is ‘meant’ to look good are just a matter of opinion, it’s easy to just try things out and experiment. Rules are meant to be broken. As much as I hear people moan about lack of choice, I actually think we are so VERY fortunate to have a large range of options to choose from – You just have to look. We also have so many different bloggers and ‘taste-makers’ out there, to offer inspiration for all kinds of bodies if you want some ideas – you just have to look. They’re out there. The Internet is a glorious place made up of bloggers and kitten pics – Just trust me on that.

What is your blog about and why do you do it?

My blog is a plus size, body positive, feminist, fashion mash-up, I guess, where I document outfits, express the feeeeeeeelz, and generally try to reconcile ethical consumption, looking good, being fat, feminist, and happy with my life. Being body positive doesn’t necessarily mean being positive all the time. I still struggle, but I’m a lot more aware of what goes on now, so I try not to punish myself so much these days. 

Where do you gain your fashion inspiration from?

To keep it succinct – Rock n’ roll, thrift stores, and some amazingly stylish friends.

What’s the fashion trend you’d prefer to forget?

Tencil jeans and leather hot pants. I’m pretty sure both a thrush inducing mistakes in history which people really should forget. The classic faux pas of Ed Hardy and pink polo shirts with popped collars also come to mind, but I have a feeling all of this will be considered ‘retro, kitsch and cool’ in 10 years, so remember my words people, remember them!

Body positivity – please discuss and give us your tips?

For me, body positivity means not being at war with my body. It doesn’t mean ‘giving up’ and getting fat, but I’m just not buying in to the ‘ideal body’ stuff anymore, recognising the harmful behaviors I inflict, and being a whole lot kinder just generally. Being body positive simply acknowledges that ‘Every body is a good body’ – Regardless of size, shape, whatever – Really. I’m not perfect, I’m still working it out, but I’m getting there. Ever notice that people who physically are culturally acceptable are still down on themselves?  Yeah? Well, this whole thing is the opposite of that. Just be kind to yourself.


If you could create/have any outfit in the world or beyond – what would it look like or what features would it have.

If I could have a dress or a whole wardrobe based on a Piet Mondrian colour scheme I would be happy. Also. Pockets. That’s it.


Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?

I’m a hoarder who’s an aspiring minimalist, so I’m trying to get rid of all the things and curate my wardrobe a bit better. I’ve also been collecting second hand and vintage dresses I just want to share with plus size ladies, so it’s an experiment to see if it’s something I’d like to do on a more regular basis.


What will you be selling at A Plus Market?

I’ll be selling second hand and vintage dresses, clothes, and accessories on the day, ranging anywhere from a size 16 to 22 – so you really won’t know what I’ll have unless you come by and say hello. Preferences will be given to people who swing by my stall with jokes, gifts or cronuts.

Ms Anna Log has also put together some shopping tips, have a read here.

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