Intimo Bra fitting workshops!

A Plus Market (Preston)

 Lucy testimonial

At some point everyone with breasts struggles to hold them in or up or other. Being a plus size gal, this struggle can be exasperated, am I right?
There can be particular boob and bra quirks that only us larger girls have to deal with, whether it be having extra-large chest pillows, or tiny cupcakes that are not in ‘regular’ proportion to our bodies and backs!

Never fear, A Plus Market is here to help you find that over the shoulder boulder holder that is just perfect for you and your jiggly wigglies!

The upcoming market on Sunday February 22 is host to not one but two Bra Fitting workshops!

There is no pressure to buy, just good old fashioned information sharing to get your gals both comfortable and looking good!

Joanna a local Intimo consultant with near 20 years’ experience along with her daughter Olivia will be presenting the two educational bra workshops.


Joanna says

“I love to look after women and their bra needs and I love educating women on bra wearing.”

The Bra Fitting workshops will cover:

  • How to look after your breasts
  • Why it’s important to wear a well fitted bra
  • What the elusive well fitted bra actually is
  • How to look after your bra and
  • What type and how many bras should make up your bra wardrobe.

If you are anything like me the idea that one would own more than an ‘everyday’ and a ‘special occasion bra’ is news to me, so I for one am set to learn quite a lot.

To give us a bit of a head start, I asked Joanna to give us her top three tips for choosing the right bra.

Joanna says

‘this is tricky!’

as there is lots to know, though the top three tips are:

  • 1. Get expertly fitted every 6 months
  • 2. Look for smooth lines across the back and breast are
  • 3. Look for a bra that is fit for purpose depending on your needs.

Bra Fitting Workshops will be held at 10.30 am and 1.30 pm at
A Plus Market, Sunday 22nd February.

Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre, Cnr of Bell and St Georges Rd’s, Preston.

Also don’t forget that A Plus Market is a drop off point for your unwanted bras. We collect and deliver them to the Uplift Project who then in turn deliver them to women who are in need of a bra. Uplift tries to ensure bras get to the women who need them without compromising their dignity. We have sent bras to Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley regions in Australia.
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