Spotlight on a Stallholder – Fashion Hayley!

A Plus Market (Preston)

spotlight on a stall holderA Plus Market has the best pre-loved plus size shopping of anywhere.

The variety and size range that is available in one place at one time is amazing and can’t be compared. So many amazing women in an effort to lovingly rehome each of their fashion pieces joins in.

At the next market we are excited to be have the one and only Fashion Hayley on board!
Fashion Hayley is a Melbourne fashion icon. Hayley is one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers, she is City Chic’s resident blogger, but is perhaps best known for, a blog chronicling her personal style for over eight years. As a stylist, Hayley has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands, on shoots with top models such as Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale, Ruby Rose and local plus size model Teer Wayde.

Not only do we get to meet Hayley faced to face, shop her wardrobe we also get to know her here a little better.

Firstly can you describe your fashion style?
My style is very quirky and eccentric with a soft girly side to it heavily influenced by the streets of Harajuku. I am obsessed with pink and have coined the hashtag #pinkcore to describe my look as I am pink right down to my core. I wear a mix of high end labels, plus size brands and of course vintage and mix them all up in a way that is truly unique to me.
Where do you gain inspiration from?
The street’s of Harajuku in Tokyo are a big influence on my style. Having lived there and gotten to know and become friends with the designers and creators who make Harajuku what it is it’s hard not to get inspired by it all. There is a unique fashion culture of dressing with no fear that just resonates heavily with me. I love how they embrace new things and use fashion as form of creative expression.
What is your blog about and why do you do it?
I’m currently blogging and styling and working on freelance projects full time – which is a dream come true. My blog is a personal style diary featuring my latest outfits, DIY projects, inspiration and travel photos. I like to discover new and up and coming designers and feature them on my blog and I’m always featuring the latest new boutique openings and fashion exhibition openings happening in Melbourne. My unique sense of style is reflected in every post – expect lots of colour, accessories and quirky fun. 
What fabulous experiences have you had because you started your blog?
I have met so many wonderful people thanks to blogging, and made some fabulous friends around the world. Some of the best experiences have been being flown to New York for the inaugural Young Fat & Fabulous conference in 2010 hosted by Gabi Greg of Gabi Fresh blog. I have also travelled all over Australia as the guest of fashion weeks, fashion competitions, conferences and exhibition openings. Appearing on ABC’s Art Nation and Chanel 7’s Today Tonight are also highlights, as is being featured in magazines in Australia and overseas, from Cleo to the New York Times and Vogue USA, its kinda crazy really and I’m very thankful for all of it.
What’s the fashion trend you’d prefer to forget?
I don’t believe in regrets in fashion as there’s always a reason why I loved a certain piece at the time and chances are it will come back in fashion down the track anyway. That’s not to say I haven’t made any fashion mistakes but I don’t regret any of them because they were all learning experiences.
What are the fashion rules you love to break?
Another thing I don’t believe in is fashion rules. So many of the so called ‘rules’ for plus size dressing are simply wrong. Apparently horizontal stripes are a big no-no for us curvy girls but I think they actually look incredible as the line’s draw the eye in and highlight the curves in all the right places. If anything I believe in breaking all the rules and dressing however you feel because that is when you’ll look the best as confidence is the best accessory you can have.
What style tips would you give curvy girls?
My wardrobe is a mix of designer labels, vintage and plus size brands. My number one tip for curvy girls is to TRY THINGS ON! Seriously – I have pieces in my wardrobe ranging from size 12 to 22 and the reason for this is sizing varies so much between stores. A designer dress in size 12 may be cut in such a way or in a stretch fabric that can work over my curves and look amazing. Get to know what shapes work on your body and soon you’ll be able to scan a store and know exactly what will fit as soon as you walk in the door. Don’t get disheartened when things don’t work out though, I try on a lot more than I buy but am never left with that ‘if only’ feeling as at least I gave it a shot.
Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?
I recently moved house and saw just how much clothing I have that I don’t actually wear. It’s time to do a big clear out and what better way than at a market dedicated to plus size fashion.
What will you be selling at A Plus Market?
Lots and lots of clothes – vintage, plus size and a few designer pieces, as well as jewellery, bags, shoes and other accessories too!
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