Spotlight on a Stallholder: Miss Kate


spotlight on a stall holder
A Plus Market brings together a sensational variety of plus size fashion for you to choose from.

Quality pre-loved pieces from gorgeous and stylish members of our community. Our May market will not disappoint, with many fashionistas bringing it including the ever stunning Miss Kate.

Miss Kate A Plus Market

Miss Kate has been kind enough to share some insight into her love of fashion and some body positive tips.

What do you love about fashion?

I love the idea of self-expression through ensembles.  Some days I will be feeling fabulous and I will wear a favourite dress, other days I want to be more serious and I’ll wear a beautiful grey, wool kilt, and sometimes I just want to wear sequins and feel like a star!  I love that you can change and adapt your fashion to suit yourself, your style and most importantly (I believe) your shape.  I love people who break the rules (you can’t wear horizontal stripes, you shouldn’t show your arms, etc etc).  Your style evolves as you grow and develop as a person.

Biggest fashion faux pas?

Recently?  None, of course!!  I deleted them from instagram!  haha.  I’d like to make a special shout-out to my Mum who made matching orange, lime and yellow fluoro tracksuits for my little sister and I to wear to the zoo about a million years ago.  I think it explained why I went goth or only wore black for about 10 years!  (will have to see if I can find a photo!!)

Winter wardrobe tips?

LAYER LAYER LAYER.  I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I go from indoors to outdoors to tram to car, etc – and I need to be able to take off pieces as the location requires.  I love a good legging (huge fan of the full-length ones from TS14+ as they last FOREVER and don’t rub out between the thighs, or chub rub as its affectionately known) or thick pair of tights (think Sonsee or We Love Colors) to wear under dresses I tend to wear all year around – I am a HUGE fan of slip dresses, which just add that extra layer when its chilly and make me feel super feminine.  But most of all, INVEST in a good coat that is warm, blocks out wind, you can add layers underneath and is lined!

Miss kate A Plus Market 2

You are pretty well known for your bathtub selfies, why do you think its important to share your style with the world and what are your top three tips for documenting ones style.

I think it’s important to document the times when you feel fabulous – I use Facebook/Instagram as that medium quite a bit as I’m far too lazy for a blog or journal these days.  But it’s important to have visual reminders of your self when you feel like a babe because way too often we aren’t told to be proud of who we are, how we are.  My top tips for documenting style:  CURATE – Don’t post 17 photos of the same damn outfit!
POSE – Emphasise the parts you love and work around the ones you aren’t, we’ve all got them!
INNOVATE – Sometimes I wear bathers as a fitted top with a pencil skirt and blazer, or a huge scarf as a draped top with a belt – just because it says “Skirt” on a label doesn’t mean you can’t wear it as a boob-tube dress (yep, done that too!) #bathtubphotobooth #bathtubselfies

You are also one body positive babe, what were the first steps you took on your body positive journey?

I suppose the start of my journey was when I decided that I shouldn’t have to change my body to fit the clothes, the clothes should fit me!  I decided I was sick of feeling guilty and hating my body when it’s actually this incredible, functioning vessel that carries me through this amazing life!  Also seeing Fat Burlesque troupe, VaVa Boombah at the start of 2013 was the epiphany moment for myself – these incredible women were mesmerising on stage!  I auditioned later that year and became a part of the troupe which was one of the scariest and most awesome, empowering things I have ever done and really made me want to celebrate my body and embrace being different instead of feeling ashamed about it.

I will be completely honest – like every single other woman out there, I have my good and bad body-image days!  I acknowledge the bad days and they’re the days I usually put the brightest lipstick, pull out my favourite vintage glo-mesh purse or maybe wear that go-to-dress that always makes me feel like a million bucks and I get on with it until I start to feel like my fabulous self again.

Miss Kate A PLus Market 3

Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?

Get rid of clothes and make more space in the wardrobe for new ones!  Make sure the garments find some lovely new homes by curvy babes who can love them and wear them better than I can – and also to raise some money before I head to New York with my label MISTY BELVIDERE for Full Figured Fashion Week!

I’ll probably spend any profits I make at A Plus Market on clothes in New York!!  Circle of life, am i right!!?  I have picked up some amazing pieces from A Plus Markets in the past so hopefully other women can say the same after rummaging through my stall on May 10th!

What are you selling?

Second-hand items I have accumulated throughout the years – a lot of friends send me their hand-me-downs or things they no longer wear as they think I am a sewing genius (NOTE:  NO!  I am impatient!!).  I may have a few un-branded samples – so pieces that you won’t ever find anywhere else in approx. 18-20.  I have things in my wardrobe from a 12 to a 26 so there will be lots to consider!  I also have big feet so I will have some shoes in sizes 11+ to sell too!  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
To shop Miss Kate’s wardrobe along with a whole bunch more of our lovely locals fashionistas, get along to A Plus Market on Sunday May 10!
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