Barbara Swiatkiwsky Bowen & Massage


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Along with the fabulous plus size fashions, A Plus Market also brings something a little different to each market.

This market around local Bowen & Massage therapist Barbara Swiatkiwsky will be offering FREE mini Bowen treatments!

Offering a body positive and welcoming space, Barbara’s clinic is just around the corner from our Preston base, in the heart of West Preston.

As a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in Bowen Therapy, Barbara is committed to helping you improve your health, whether in response to an injury, ongoing pain or a search for greater wellness.

Barbara welcomes absolutely all shapes and sizes to her clinic and for those of us that may be larger breasted or bellied she offers specialty cushions for her treatment as she states ‘ all women deserve comfort!’

Check out some of her clients testimonials!


As well as offering free mini Bowen treatments at the May 10 A Plus Market, Barbara is also offering A Plus Market customers a $20 discount on all bookings!

If you’d like to take advantage of that offer now to make a booking or buy a voucher for their mother/girlfriend/daughter BEFORE Mother’s Day, the promo code is live NOW!

Bring your pals, bring your Mum along to A Plus Market and enjoy a free mini treatment with Barbara May 10!\

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