Simply Christene


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Local plus size designers is just one of the many reasons A Plus Market is a fabulous fashion destination!

And for our Ballarat date we have the localist of locals, Simply Christene!
Simply Christene A Plus Market 1Simply Christene lives, designs and makes just outside of Ballarat.

The gorgeous handcrafted clothing is individual, quirky,  sometimes nostalgic always tailored to flatter and fit curves.  Each piece is distinctive,  a one off or one of no more than four.  Fabrics are hand picked for particular elements of quality, design, colour and fall.  Choice of fabrics are by preference natural fibres, cotton, linens, wools and a variety of blends.

Everything about Simply Christene is hands on. 

Designs are hand drawn as are the patterns the next part of this exacting process.  Each garment is singularly hand cut from the carefully selected fabric before each piece is fitted and sewn, elements such as buttons, flowers and piping are sewn by hand with a fine attention to detail.

We are always pleased to having such a fine artisan attend A Plus Market. This time around we are more than pleased to be heading into Simply Christene’s home turf.

Join us SATURDAY 29th August in BALLARAT and show some love and support for your local makers.

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