Spotlight on a Stallholder: Janine Mison


spotlight on a stall holderEach A Plus Market sees us get to know so many gorgeous ladies whilst we enjoy the diverse plus size fashions.

This market we are delighted to be joined by Janine Mison.

Janine has been an active and instrumental voice of change in the plus size fashion community for many years. You can check out her blog here.
Its a privilege to have her on board especially so as we can literally raid her wardrobe.

We also have had the chance to pick her brain so to speak:


Tell us a little about yourself?

I am ME. I LOVE my shape and I LOVE myself.

I am 44 years old and I’m beautiful.  I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, step-mum, granddaughter, cousin and friend.  I am SPECIAL.

I am guilty of putting others first before myself, I’m still trying to master being my own best friend!

I am experienced. I have lived, loved, travelled, cried, laughed and felt. I have made  mistakes, I have made many good decisions and a few bad ones. I am human and I am ME.

I am resourceful and I will NOT accept second best. I push boundaries.

I am ALWAYS deserving of great things.

I am PASSIONATE about empowering curvy women to love their shape!  I work full-time in the Industry as a plus-size expert, Consultant, Stylist and Body Positive Ambassador. I also love to support Australian plus-size fashion designers and am enjoying my role as Wholesale agent for some incredible brands.  I LOVE working in a role that I’m so passionate about, it makes the balancing act of work/life so much easier.

Janine - My Style

And describe your fashion style…

My fashion style is ME!  It’s hard to describe it as it changes based on how I feel, what I’m doing and what impression I wish to make on the day.

My favourite garment in the whole world is a vest!  A vest is my best friend when it comes to styling as a vest can accentuate curves whilst minimising the parts I don’t want to promote. I feel most comfortable in jeans and a vest. I’m a winter person, I love layering, I love jeans and I LOVE boots!  However, in Summer I feel great in a floaty dress (and on those days that aren’t too sweltering, I have been known to wear boots!).

My philosophy is to work with your very own personal signature look – I draw inspiration from the trends, but I am always true to what looks good on me.  When I work with customers this is my starting point, establishing their own signature based on personality, mood, their lifestyle etc., ignoring the scientific methods for dressing a certain shape. This works every time! I apply and model this myself.

This image probably best represents my style, it’s my favourite Hope & Harvest dress, teamed with loud jewellery and my favourite zebra boots, comfy, flattering and just ME.



What’s your top Summer Fashion Tip?

Love your shape! DON’T fall into the trap of allowing other people’s beauty standards to impact on your fun in the sun. Let go of the fear and hang-ups, bare your arms, wear a skirt, invest in a great fitting bathing suit and go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Every year when the weather warms up I see women hit the street in lovely summer dresses with heavy boleros or cardigans covering their arms, they sweat their way along feeling uncomfortable, yet thinking that this is better than committing the crime of showing their arms!  WRONG!  The most sexy think about any woman is her confidence.

Wear your confidence first and foremost. And if it doesn’t come naturally, seek the resources and tools to help you build it. You won’t look back.

Need some help? Here’s my styling services


Do you keep hold of your clothes or do you regularly rotate your collection, if so how often and any clear-out tips?


One of the most popular services I offer is a “Wardrobe Revamp & Style” . I highly recommend this as a starting point to styling.  Most of us have a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like we have nothing to wear!  We also tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  A revamp is the opportunity to shop your own wardrobe and rediscover garments, a great starting point to re-evaluating your style.  You’ll be surprised how many garments you have which actually work if you just see if from different eyes. We naturally get into a pattern of how we wear things, and sometimes it helps to just mix it up and try something different.

Sometimes I look at my own wardrobe and think to myself “gee I hope my customers don’t see it!”  I’m so busy with my work and family that I forget to put myself first!  Luckily I’ve trained myself to do a wardrobe revamp of my own each season, I take an afternoon, make a pot of tea, and slowly pull everything out, sorting into piles of things I love, things that I love but don’t work on me, things to sell, things to donate. Then I enjoy putting it all back together in a more organised and newly discovered way.  Life is so busy that we forget to step back and look and think about things.


What is your top plus-size fashion rule to break?

Are there any rules? Hahaha, I break all the rules! To me, styling and fashion is about a feeling, not a formula or science of rules.

I create the rules – the one and only rule – wear something that makes you love your shape!



The road to accepting one’s body can be difficult, do you have routines in place to keep you positively focussed?

Indeed. It’s different for everyone. For me personally, it’s been a journey of awareness, of conforming initially to what I perceived I had to portray, to becoming aware of my own inner voice.  I’ve always been resourceful and I’ve always pushed the boundaries. I guess having that natural drive has worked in my favour in regards to body image.  It’s about making the most of who you are today. That means, if I’m 120kgs I ensure I look good for me, if I’m 70kgs I ensure I look good for me. My weight doesn’t change my approach to presenting myself, because that is how I show myself I love me.  Just like everyone else, I have my good feeling and not so good feeling days, I have moments of “arrghghgh this doesn’t feel or look good”, I have my mini-tantrums of “I’ve got nothing to wear” – I think that’s a female trait rather than a negative body image trait.  I always think of the flight attendants telling passengers in the emergency briefing – “When the oxygen mask falls from above, fit the mask on yourself first BEFORE assisting others”.  I try to apply this philosophy in my life, it’s never easy being a mum, wife, business owner and juggling so many things, but the intention is there, and the first step is always being aware. If you’re not aware you have a negative image of yourself, you can’t improve.  Be kind and gentle with yourself. You deserve it.


For those also on the journey, what would your top three words of wisdom be?

Love your shape!

Why are you having a stall at A Plus and what are you selling?

I recently did my wardrobe revamp and I’ve decided it’s time to move on some of my clothes. As I’ve grown and aged I’ve changed and my style changes. That’s why I ignore the rules, they don’t allow for change.  I’ve identified pieces that just don’t work for me anymore and I have created a list of new items I’d like to invest in. My stall will be full of size 16+ clothes that are pre-loved, new with tags, and new without tags from my own wardrobe, including a selection of shoes and wide-calf boots.

I’ve been a big supporter of the A+ market from the beginning when I had the pleasure of meeting with Erin when her business idea was in its infancy. I worked with Erin to add value to her plans and it’s been a pleasure watching her market grow and evolve.  I’ve always been a fan of a market, I refer all my customers to the A+ market after their wardrobe revamps, in my experience it is so much easier than E-Bay – because you can shop AND try on the garments. Perfect! And to have the added bonus that EVERYTHING in the market can potentially be mine is just too good to pass up!

I’m planning to sell my “treasures” and invest in some new treasures.

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