Madame Tây

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Here at A Plus Market we have so much love for small local businesses.

Especially so for women led businesses who work to create a better world and of course better plus size fashion choices.

This April we are so pleased to welcome back one such business – Madame Tây

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At the A Plus Market on April 23rd, Madame Tây will be having an end of summer sale!

You’ll be able to pick up one of their limited edition plus size pieces for a great price! They’ll have a small range of beautiful day dresses, camisoles, peplum tops and pencil skirts available in a range of authentic  West African wax prints. 
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Madame Tây are are four friends from Melbourne, who are now living in four different corners of the globe – Melbourne, Toronto, Hanoi and Dakar. Madame  Tây  works with small-business tailors in Vietnam and Senegal to create unique, handmade garments. Madame Tây work closely with fabric distributers, designers and tailors to source and design clothing from a unique and beautiful range of fabrics, all sourced locally in Vietnam, Senegal and Ghana. If you purchase a Madame Tây item, you can easily trace your garment’s origins back to the individual tailor who made it, and learn about the place where your item came from.

For the Madame Tây team, this project is not just about the finished product, it is also about the process. While they have a passion for beautiful clothes, they also have ideas and questions around ethics, culture, travel, fashion, global manufacturing, trade and consumption, that they hope to explore in this endeavour.

Get along to A Plus Market Saturday April 23 to grab yourself a unique fashion piece at a fabulous SALE price.

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