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Here at A Plus Market we know the difficulties faced when trying to find specific specialty wear that is designed well for the plus sized figure.

We aim to find solutions! This market around we have found an activewear solution.

Inspirational Plus Activewear is delighted to be joining A Plus Market with their range of VATA Brasil Activewear made for women.

A Plus Market Inspirational activewear


The VATA Brasil activewear fabric has FOUR TIMES the filaments than regular yarn and its millions of filaments make for a softer, more comfortable feel. The collection that will always fit whether you lose or gain a little weight here and there as it can stretch up to TEN TIMES its own size.

The moisture drawing properties of VATA Brasil activewear fabric is a natural wicking process as opposed to a chemical treatment used by most other garment manufacturers. This means no sweat marks and nasty trapped odours. The unique fabric draws moisture away from the skin and forces it to the surface, by the way of millions of specially designed ultra stretch filaments. Once there, it rapidly evaporates.

High quality ladies fashion that will take you anywhere in comfort and style, whether it be the gym, the shops, or just relaxing at home.

All stock is reduced by up to 70% so come check along and check out Inspirational Activewear for yourself and grab a bargain! Queen Victoria Market on Saturday 23 April

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