Q&A with Joolz Fashion


Lucy testimonialWe love local independent plus size fashion designers here at A Plus Market.

So we thought we get to know the designer behind the brand one of our regulars, Joolz Fashion just a little bit better.

Please tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Airdrie, and I love cocktails. And chocolate. Preferably together, with some fun people, on a rooftop somewhere.

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and your brand?

Joolz is about dressing up, enjoying fashion, embracing colour and patterns, and having a good time. Having fun, and allowing others to have fun too!

Describe your style?

Sometimes I am understated and sometimes a little over the top. It is very dependent on my mood and also very often on what the “COTD” challenge is (that’s Colours Of The Day, which is a daily style challenge group that I’m part of on facebook & instagram).


What is it you love about fashion?

I love that with fashion, you can tell people something about yourself without saying a word. You can play any number of roles with fashion. Dress up, dress down, say it loud, say it quietly, but whatever you’re wearing, mark my words you are announcing to the outside world something about yourself.

Do you have a favourite fashion period?

The 20s and the 50s are favourites of mine.

Are your designs designed with yourself as the wearer in mind?

Absolutely. I only design things that I personally want to wear.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing,. What is it and why?

I can’t choose favourites! The Stay Golden (aka Golden Girls) dress is a big favourite because it makes EVERYONE smile when they see it. The fabric design is all my own as well, and I’m super happy with it. And my Asymmetrical Collar dress is definitely a sentimental favourite of mine. I designed it just for me – it began its life as a dress to wear to my good friends’ wedding, and then I kept tinkering with it til it became the version we have today. Watching someone else try one on, and seeing their reaction to how FABULOUS they look in it, is a source of great joy for me.

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What changes do you most want to see in the Australian fashion industry?

Independent fashion boutiques are closing left and right. I’ve seen so many go in the past few years and it is a terrible shame and great loss for the shoppers of Australia. I wish our government would support local independent stores, labels and local manufacturing a lot more. Lots more people maybe would shop with indie designers, if they knew that independent fashion designers existed beyond the major labels that everyone has heard of, but quite simply they don’t know we’re here, and some big advertising budgets are needed to get that news into more homes around Australia. Indie labels unfortunately don’t have big advertising budgets! And I’d LOVE to see more local boutiques stocking their local plus size designers.

From watching you IG feed you are completely obsessed with shoes. What’s that all about?

I love a beautifully made shoe, it is true. I’m not interested in run-of-the-mill, everyone-has-them kind of shoes (actually I am kind of the same with all my fashion, it has to be said)! My version of retail therapy definitely has a heavy emphasis on cute shoes, especially ones by John Fluevog, a Canadian designer. He just got a write-up in Vogue because Beyonce has started wearing him. But hey, I found him first! So yeah, people that follow me on instagram get to see the results of that love affair quite a bit

 Come along Sunday May 29 and meet locely Airdire in person and check out the amazing Joolz Fashion range.
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