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A Plus Market is home to a lovely supportive community that loves fashion and sharing fashion tips and of course fashion itself.

Thus we are super excited to be welcoming two fabulous plus fashion bloggers; Meagan Kerr and Rachel GeeBee.

New Zealand’s plus size bloggers Meagan from thisismeagankerr.com and Rachel from rachelgeebee.com will be joining us at the next A Plus Market.
They don’t care about fat girl fashion rules or have time for idiots on Instagram but they are always keen to take an awkward selfie and most of the time they are pretty nice.
Before market day though we thought we’d pick their brains and get to know them jut a little better, here’s their responses to a quick Q and A:
First, a little about each:
Meagan likes pretty clothes, patting dogs and taking selfies; Rachel likes all things four-legged, lingerie and has a penchant for drunk snapchatting.

Describe your style:

Rachel: Structured, vintage inspired with a touch of rock-chic.

Meagan: Classic mixed with casual, lots of black and stripes.

What do you love about fashion? 

Rachel: It turns something essential – wearing clothes – into something fun that reflects who I am.

Meagan: It allows me to express my personality and how I’m feeling in a visual way.

What are the biggest boundaries you see for fashion in regards to plus? 

Rachel: The lack of brick and mortar choices. Plus bodies, like all other bodies, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and not having the ability to try items on in store is something that is hugely challenging for everyone and a particular issue for plus women. I feel like many labels aren’t pushing boundaries and don’t provide fashion forward options – I see repetition in styles and collections every season from some brands which is unfortunately a reflection of the safe choices many plus consumers feel they are obliged to make.

Meagan: I agree with Rachel – the lack of actual stores where we can try things on is definitely a challenge. I also feel like both designers and buyers for plus size stores tend to play it safe, so we are seeing the same shapes and colours year after year. There are lots of shoppers who want MORE – more choice, more fashion forward options in line with straight sizes etc but stores aren’t providing those choices.

Do you think there are specific difficulties/bonuses for plus fashion in the Southern Hemisphere? 

Rachel: After living in Canada for a year, I would say the difficulties are quite similar. Lack of choice, lack of representation, and especially in New Zealand we’re that extra little bit isolated so getting all the pretties to my doorstep does represent a small financial burden. However, we do get to take advantage of some great Northern Hemisphere end of season sales.

Meagan: I find cost really prohibitive – we have some great high end plus designers whose clothes obviously cost more, but not so many options at the other end of the budget. There is also a real lack of options above a size 24 here – I’ve found lots and lots of great options in the Northern Hemisphere but it seems that brands just don’t want to go there in NZ!

You are from NZ, so you must have some fab dressing for the cold tips, please share? 

Rachel: Merino knitwear, scarves and layers!

Meagan: Merino knitwear is an absolute blessing! I also have layering down to a fine art, because I really feel the cold. A good pair of gloves and a decent coat make a real difference too.

Most memorable fashion faux pas? 

Rachel: The thing about a fashion faux pas is that you felt amazing at the time! But I did go through a lengthy teenage stage of wearing thrifted petticoat/slips over my jeans which was pretty amazing.

Meagan: Any time I’ve ever worn something I felt uncomfortable in. Nothing specific though.

Do you have a mantra or self care/love routine that keeps you focused in the body pos head space? 

Rachel: Everyone has preferences and tastes and style, and I don’t have to be theirs! My purpose is not to be pleasing to other people’s eyes.

Meagan: I try to really appreciate my body as it is and what it does for me, every single day. My self care routine includes making sure I get enough water, enough sleep and foods that fuel my body and soul; taking time out to relax, to breathe in nature; and to do things and wear things that make me feel awesome.

What is your go to outfit on your ‘nothing to wear’ days? 

Rachel: I have a couple of stretch jersey bodycon dresses that are like wearing a hug. If I am struggling to come up with an outfit I use them as a base and add a crop top or cardigan as layers, in winter I team with tights and boots, or in summer sandals. I am a bit of a nerd however and I do tend to lay my clothes out the night before so I have more time in the morning because I am fickle creature when it comes to picking my clothes for the day!

Meagan: I have a bunch of dresses that are easy to throw on and go – they’re all from Australian brand 17 Sundays, and every single one of them makes me feel great. I keep my style simple and don’t really wear jewellery, so all I need to do is throw on a dress and some shoes, and I’m good to go.
Come and hang out with them while they are at  A Plus Market to talk about style, self love and doing whatever the heck you want with the body you have. Don’t forget the selfies. Can’t miss a good chance for a selfie!Meagan and Rachel meert and greet.jpg
For all the information about market day, times, places and parking please click here!