The Cork Atelier


At A Plus Market we love quirky unique accessories and we think The Cork Atelier has this in spades.

Hand bags and jewellery made from cork!

The Cork Atelier was only started 3 years ago and came about when Johanna and Ed Den Braber where travelling through Portugal, here they came across the many Oak  Cork  tree plantations. Cork has mainly been used in the wine industry but as in so many industries the use of cork in the wine industry was changing due to the introduction of the screw top cap and the use of plastic corks, so the cork industry starting looking at what else cork could be used for. By Experimenting with the cork they found that if put into boiling water it became soft, after this process once the cork was dried and flattened it could be sliced in layers and put onto a backing, once this was done the material became very similar to fabric , hence the term “Cork fabric or cork skin”.
Johanna who as a designer or more then 20 years in the fashion trade started looking into which ways this ” new “material could be used. She started experimenting using it into neck laces and bracelets, she found the material very hard wearing and started using it as the base material for day back packs, shoulder bags, cross over bags, hand bags , I pad holders etc. She then started experimenting and trialling it adding organic colours , with some surprising effects. In collaboration with a Portuguese cork plantation Johanna and Ed now design hand bags  bracelets and necklaces from this sustainable and unique all from their studio in Croydon Victoria.

Please come and look at the collection at A PLUS MARKET IN THE QV MARKET ON THE 27TH OF NOVEMBER. SEE YOU THERE.