Simply Christene



Slow artisanal fashion is one of our big loves here at A Plus Market.

Regular stall holder Simply Christene ticks all the boxes when it comes to such things.

And what is Simply Christen all about?

Bright Bold colour.

A Sense of whimsy and awe.

Quirky and a slightly retrospective styling.

Designs that stand apart from fashion but are not out of fashion.


Beautifully handcrafted clothing.

Quality fabrics, natural, breathable, warm ,cool all that nature has to offer.


Personal and thoughtful service.

Clothing the empowers and brings joy.

All these attributes so important at Simply Christene.


Christene says wistfully, “Hopefully a dress that has been forming in my mind. Its still being quietly elusive.  It whispers to me, it is classy, it suggests a time long gone and of a time in the future.

I think it is going to be sophisticated, tailored beautifully fitted to the waist and the skirt falling in folds of some gorgeous fabric. It tells me wool or brocade. I just wish it was more succinct and step out of the gauze it is hiding behind.”

Come along Saturday Feb 25th to see the gorgeous detail in each and every piece of Christene’s and of course treat yourself.