May Presentation: Cut the BullSh*t with Kat

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Not only do we have great plus fashion, A Plus Market has also got some kickass bopo presentations.

Kat is back with another instalment of Cut the Bullsh*t with Kat.


Katerina is a fellow plus size babe that intends to cut the bullshit on all things regarding plus size Beauty, Fashion and life in general. The last couple of months she has been styling and boosting women’s confidence levels with her #cutthebullshitwithkat mentality. She is striving to get people out of their comfort zones and helping them focus on the positives about themselves. After many years of seeing how the industry is unfolding she wants to help fellow ladies find their confidence and their own individual style and attitude.
Kat will run a workshop/open discussion at the A Plus Market to get a better insight in what fellow women are feeling or thinking at the moment. Again cutting the bullshit and discussing anything and everything. She says “i want it to feel like your out with your close girlfriends and everything is up for discussion, nothing will be off limits”
She will also be running around the A Plus Market helping and styling people, she wants everyone to yell out her name and she will come running to give them a hand. whether being at the dressing room or needing  quick chat about what they are after/price range ect

Kat is also going to be running the catwalk at the A Plus Market. Getting women to strut their stuff and show that the best thing a woman can wear…is her confidence!

Kat’s presentation Cut the Bullsh*t with Kat will be at 1pm.

The ‘Show us what you got!’ runway is for you to show off you best A Plus Market buys and have some fun! And go in to the running for some great prizes. Kat will be hosting the runway at Midday.