Lisa’s Lacies

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

Lucy testimonialA Plus Market always has a great range of plus size fashion; everything from casual and work wear to cocktail dresses and lingerie.

One of our favourite stallholders bringing us the later is Lisa’s Lacies.

We are so happy that Lisa and her team will be joining us once again.

Last time we featured Lisa’s Lacies  here I couldn’t say enough about their fabulous customer service; friendly, knowledgeable staff is what they’ve got!
This time around I thought I would highlight their unbelievable product range.
A Plus MArket pink and black plus size corset

If you are looking for a bra Lisa’s Lacies should be your first point of call. Catering  from the petite sizes through to size 40 and beyond. You’ll also find an extensive range of brands, so if you have a favourite or need to be introduced to one, this is the place to be.

If you need a day to day bra, a fancy one or a specialty bra like a strapless or sports again Lisa’s Lacies should be the first point of call.

And if it’s not a bra you are after but a corset or swimwear or some great pyjamas or  maternity wear or dressing gowns or fun accessories or……
The product list really is extensive so you’re best to check it out.

For those who like to try things on and get some professional advice,

Come along to A Plus Market this Saturday, meet Lisa herself and pick up a little surprise present (if you’re one of the first hundred through the door)

or head onto their bricks and Mortar store at 6 Klauer St, Seaford VIC 3198.
For those that can’t make either all Lisa’s Lacies has a great online store, currently with a couple of great sales.

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February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

caitlin testimonialA Plus Market has a diverse range of
plus size fashion,

there is something for everyone and every taste.

For those who like something a bit different,
Suniitopaz Creations
is for you.

A Plus Markert Suniitopaz
Suniitopaz is run by local bellydance, textile and craft enthusiast, Peta Fowler. Peta took her first Bellydance class in 1998, and has been involved with costuming ever since. Entering tribal and tribal fusion dancing around 2004,  her sewing room hasn’t looked the same since.

With a love of the textiles and colours used in these costumes, Peta creates a rich range of costumes and accessories perfect for shimmying.
Peta began pattern making soon after 2004 as she  couldn’t understand why so many dancers’ belts didn’t seem it melt into their hips.
With this background, Suniitopaz is now known for very well made, uniquely designed hip belts that actually fit. In fact, Peta won’t let you buy yours, unless she has fitted it on you, to make sure it is the right size and shape for your body.

Suniitopaz Creations’ hip belts are so pretty and so unique, and could be worn in non-dancing environments. I think they’d be perfect over a simple black dress or even to mix things up over your fav pair of jeans.

Peta also creates many more simple, but effective street to stage (or other way around) wear.

Peta says

“There are three criteria all items must meet, to be sold on my stall: 1. Well designed, 2. Well made, and 3. Functional. If I don’t like an item, or I don’t consider it worth buying myself, then it doesn’t make it into my stall.”

“I enjoy being creative, and I rarely make the same thing twice. At the A Plus market, you will find a range of hand made goods, some pre loved items, and tribal style jewellery sourced from Peru and Afghanistan.”

“Hand made (by me!) treasures: hip belts, pantaloons, accent skirts and hip drapes, very versatile  drapes, decorative headbands, beads, jewellery featuring natural gems and stones.

Also, Peruvian stone rings, and jewellery sets, Afghani necklaces, bindis.

……and, just for this market, a small selection of new corsets, and pre loved clothing in excellent condition. “

In a few words, Suniitopaz is bright, bold, colourful and fun!

Come along to the Frankston A Plus Market  and meet the lovely and creative Peta. Be inspired, support local artisans and buy something truly original
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Marji & Jean

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

Lucy testimonial

A Plus Market is a fun filled plus size fashion bazaar.

And Marji & Jean is one that definitely adds to the vibrancy of our events. So we at A Plus Market are chuffed that they are yet again joining us. A Plus MArket Plus size floral

Marji & Jean have become A Plus Market regulars and as such have been featured here quite a bit, see our previous posts HERE and HERE

We totally love having them along for the ride and thought this next feature we could get to know them and the brand a while lot better. The very lovely Lori, the lady behind Marji & Jean willingly obliged to answer a few questions I put to her….

. Your dresses are so colourful and fun, what draws you to such vibrant fabric?

I love to be surrounded by colour, I think having colour around instantly makes people happier. I love finding unusual fabrics that most people might not consider using for a dress.
 A PLus Market plus size shark dress

Who taught you or how did you learn to sew?

Marji & Jean is named after my two grandmothers who both taught me to sew, knit, crochet and anything else crafty that I wanted to try. They were very different, but both extremely creative and were both excellent teachers.

What’s your favourite part of the making dresses and selling them process?

You know when you find that perfect dress that makes you feel amazing every time you wear it? I love being the person that made that dress and made a girl feel special.
 A Plus Market plus size pink

What is your favourite fashion era? and why?

I love feminine pretty dresses from the 1950’s, when all women seemed to look gorgeous, but I also love the crazy, quirky fashion from the 1960’s and the fact that women stopped conforming to stereotypes about how they should dress.

What do you love about fashion?

I love that every woman has the opportunity to dress in a way that makes them feel unique and special, and that you can tell a bit about someone’s personality by the way they dress. My worst nightmare would be to live in a world where everyone looked the same.

What are some tips or your favourite ways to style your frocks?

My fifties dresses work really well for either a rockabilly look with pinup hair and cool shoes, or just as a super pretty dress with bare feet and a ponytail (the way I have always dressed!).
At the moment in this chilly Melbourne weather, I love to wear all my dresses with boots, tights and a big cardigan.
Meet the ladies and see the dresses in person
SATURDAY 27th of SEPTEMBER, 2015 IN FRANKSTON! fb banner A Plus Market Frankston

The Frankston wrap up

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

So the first A Plus Market for the year has now been and gone and if I don’t say so myself it was a great day.
The only thing that could have made it better if there was more people to enjoy it with.

2014-02-21 006

The wonderful band, Fire & Theft entertaining us at A Plus Market.

Firstly, I’d like to thank this month’s market sponsors, Lisa’s Lacies, Big Time Clothing Co. and Markets and Community. These sponsors were integral in getting this market up and running, so please send some love their way.

Secondly, thanks goes to the ever lovely stallholders.

Again, each and every stallholder not only brought awesome products for us to shop but also a very warm, welcoming and fun vibe. This made for a wonderful atmosphere.

A special thanks goes to the lovely Beth who catered for us all. The food was absolutely delicious, very yummy sausage rolls, tasty salads and scrumptious cakes. Though my highlight was the Chai (soooo goooood).
2014-02-21 001
Bethany Claire Cakes is highly recommended from everyone who attended yesterday.

I also need to thank those who provided prizes. We had some great prizes yesterday. Congratulations to those who one and to those who didn’t – better luck next time.
2014-02-20 028
Send some luck and love back to these guys:
Samantha Jones Designs, Mooey and Melly’s Mega Mayhem for BBW’s, Gloss Hair and Beauty, Colour Collections, Intimo and Big Blossom PJ’s.

I really enjoy the challenge of bringing this fabulous event together (some days more than others obviously). Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with the gratitude that the shoppers and stallholders alike have for all my efforts.
It’s really nice to be appreciated – Thanks.
2014-02-20 021
So onto my haul.
I was very subdued in my shopping yesterday, particularly considering what was on offer.
I only spent $9!
I got a great pair of skinny leg jeans, a really cute cardi (pictured below) and a sequin vest thing!!!!

But that’s not all I picked up – I got some gifts!!!

One of the regular pre-loved stallholders (she’s really not that regular, quite amazing in fact) wanted to finish off my market outfit, so gifted me a really pretty necklace – Thanks!
Donna from A Bear Made This gave me a really cute ring (pictured below), Make sure you check out her stuff at one of the upcoming A Plus Markets, it’s really cute and funky!!
And last but not least the very generous, ladies from Big Blossom PJ’s have given me a pair of their PJ’s to road test. They are beautiful.
All these gifts are very unexpected and much appreciated. Again, it makes me feel really blessed to have created such a supportive environment for everyone.

My awesome $2 cardi and lovely ring from A Bear Made This

My awesome $2 cardi and lovely ring from A Bear Made This


I hope to see you all next month Saturday 22nd March in Preston!

Bethany Claire Cakes

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

Once you’ve shopped up a storm and bopped along to the A Plus Market resident band, Fire & Theft, you can get some sustenance from our very own pop-up café!

Bethany Claire Cakes will be catering for us at A Plus Market this Saturday, 22nd Feb in Frankston. I can say so much about Bethany Claire Cakes but first of all I say – YUM!
Bethany Claire Cakes is all about hand made small batch baking.
It’s local, fresh and delicious.

Beth will be bringing along a tempting selection of sweets.

I can’t believe how good her cakes look, I in fact wish we had taste-avison (that’s a term I’ve just coined to describe my desire to lick the screen and test these tasties now!),

But wait there’s more…..
We can have our cake and eat it too.
A yummy selection of light lunches will also be available, along with a selection of teas, some coffee and Beth’s own blend of Chai.

Get the girls together and come down on Saturday for some brunch, lunch or an afternoon tea.

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet? Click the image above and it will take you there.

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet?
Click the image above and it will take you there.

Spotlight on a Stallholder – Mandi

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston
spotlight on a stall holder
Once again A Plus Market will be busting at the seams with pre-loved goodies and it’s always nice to get a sneak peek beforehand, as well as getting to know one of the stallholders a bit.This time round we are meeting Mandi.

Mandi is one half of the Mooey and Melly team

Mandi is one half of the Mooey and Melly team

I’ve met Mandi before as she has previously had a stall at A Plus Market, so I can vouch for her fun loving nature.

Mandi is a mum and step mum to 5 kids (what a trooper). If that’s not enough Mandi; also works part time, runs a plus size facebook site, Mooey & Mellys’ Mega Mayhem for BBW (more about that below) and has a regular market stall selling vintage & collectables (Lilydale Trash 2 Treasure every Sunday). I’m tired just reading that!

So I put some questions to Mandi in a hope that you’ll get to know her and her wares alitttle better before Saturday.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Hmmmm, I don’t think I have any 1 style…. I can be conservative (if needed), but prefer to be a little bit hippy, a little grungy & a little girly.

What’s your must have summer fashion item?

Funky sunglasses & blingy thongs

 If your having one of those days, when you feel less than fabulous, what piece of clothing do you turn to and why?

Something bright & fun to lift my mood, even if its only adding a retro scarf!!

Do you have a piece of clothing you just can’t part with even though you don’t or can’t use anymore? What is it and why do you love it?

Yes, a very shabby, hand knitted jumper that is purple with the Eiffel Tower & the word Paris in bright pink & green I  brought it from a market when I was 19, it is my comfort piece of clothing & falling apart….. I love it.

Is there a fashion rule that you love to break?

Hahahaha, I think I have broken them all by now !!!
Wear whatever makes you feel special, be confident.

Favourite event to dress for?And why? And what would you wear?

I adore getting dressed up to go out with the girls, I like to bling up with lots of bracelets, knee length skirt over some funky leggings a bright retro t & a floaty lace jacket….. and don’t forget the wedges….. let your hair down & live n laugh.

Tell us a little about your facebook site and what you’ll be bringing to A Plus market.

I believe that each & every woman regardless of size should be able to feel funky, comfortable & wonderful in their clothing.  Together with my bestie Melly (who lives in QLD) I run a facebook page – Mooey & Mellys’ Mega Mayhem for BBW.  We specialize in sizes 26 – 32 & have a huge range of garments; T’s, cardi’s, leggings, sleep wear, lingerie & accessories, that are not only comfy & funky but also affordable.
A selection of Mandi's clothes that are up for offer at  A Plus Market.

A selection of Mandi’s clothes that are up for offer at A Plus Market.

I am thrilled to be able to share our finds with others at the A Plus Market and I’ll be bringing lots of gently loved items from size 18 – 26 too.
Come down, meet Mandi in person and shop up a storm THIS SATURDAY!

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet? Click the image above and it will take you there.

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet?
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Big Blossom PJ’s

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston
Big Blossom Logo

Big Blossom PJ’s pretty new logo

Big Blossom PJ’s are becoming quite a regular A Plus Market fixture and thankfully so as their PJ’s are not only cute but comfy!

Big Blossom Sister team

The sister team behind Big Blossom’s PJ’s

Big Blossom’s PJ’s have been featured here before – you can see that post HERE.

So what’s different this time?

Other than they have a fab new logo (see above), I’m just excited to have them back. Along with some other great local plus size designers (check them out HERE)
Big Blossom’s PJ’s will be attending the upcoming
A  Plus Market – Frankston!

It’s extra special this time too as the sister team behind Big Blossom PJ’s are local to the South East. Therefore you can come along and truly support your neighbours!

Adorable polka dot shorts!

Adorable polka dot shorts!

Come along and check out their gorgeous range of PJ’s for yourself.
The fabrics are fun and bright and designs super comfy and as I said before cute!

But wait there’s more…….
Even more exciting for you is that if you come along to the Market this Saturday you’ll have a chance to WIN some Big Blossom PJ’s!

As part of the lucky door prize Big Blossom PJ’s have generously donated a $70 gift voucher for use at their stall! You gotta be there to be in it.

And just in case you are interested Angie (one half of Big Blossom PJ’s) and I, will be interviewed on RPP radio tomorrow morning, just after the 8,30am news!

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet? Click the image above and it will take you there.

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet?
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Pom Pom Poppy

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

A Plus Market isn’t just about awesome plus size fashion, there is also many other beautiful things ALL and ANY woman would love to have in her life.

Jewellery and accessories are high up that list, right?

A Plus Market has a gorgeous selection of artisan jewellery for you to drool over and hopefully then take home with you to launder.

The upcoming Frankston market sees some beautiful jewellery and accessories being showcased including those from Pom Pom Poppy.


Pom Pom Poppy is a quaint little handmade business founded and created by the lovely Chandika. Located in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne, Chandika draws her inspirations from all the beautiful things in life.
The result is a gorgeous range of ladies fabric flower accessories; everyday and bespoke pieces such as headbands, brooches, bib necklaces and hair pins. Each is made by hand using new, recycled and vintage fabrics and embellishments.

Chandika enjoys treasure hunting for unique and vintage fabrics and findings to create these beautiful one of kind handmade accessories. Working with different  textures of fabrics, experimenting with different colour combinations Pom Pom Poppy has a stunning and ever expanding range.

Each month Pom Pom Poppy draw creates a new collection;  anything from Shabby Chic, Alice in Wonderland or Balinese inspired –  each piece is one of a kind. This month of course is Valentine’s. So how fitting that today I share these exquisite pieces with you.

Have a look at Pom Pom Poppy’s Facebook page here to see the Valentine inspired designs.

Pom Pom Poppy Accessories will be available at A Plus Market – Frankston.
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Lisa’s Lacies

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston, Past Sponsors

If you haven’t heard of Lisa’s Lacies then it’s definitely time to listen up (or read along).

I have been a customer of Lisa’s Lacies for many years (at the sadly now closed Reservoir store 😦 ).

I was always a very happy shopper; impressed by the extensive range and thankful for the helpful and knowledgeable staff.

This in mind I am over the moon that Lisa’s Lacies is not only an A Plus Market sponsor but also attending the upcoming Frankston market!

Lisa’s Lacies brick and mortar home in Seaford is extensively stocked with larger sized lingerie. You can find just about any underwear, lingerie, swimwear, nightie, bustier, pantyhose or  knicker  that you could desire.

The best bit for us is the size range. Lisa’s Lacies stock sizes 40 and beyond.

I really can’t rave about Lisa’s Lacies customer service enough. Every time I have been there I have been dutifully served, fitted by a friendly and understanding  professional.

Too I love their inclusive ethos. My feeling is that Lisa and her team really care about their customers and beyond. The size range is a testament to this but also the fact that they offer mastectomy fittings, are a drop off point for bras to be donated to Fijian women and are going to give the first 100 A Plus Market customers through the door at Frankston a small gift!

Lisa’s Lacies can be found online here.
You can visit Lisa’s Lacies at
6 Klauer St, Seaford VIC 3198
or at
A Plus Market – Frankston

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Bella Belle Nail Couture

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston
I’ve mostly avoided nail polish as I’ve got to admit in some respects,
I’m a bit of a hippy. My perception of nail polish was mainly negative,
thinking it full of nasty chemicals, unethically mass produced and the rest. That perception is now obliterated as I recently came across
Bella Belle Logo

Bella Belle Nail Couture.

I’ve got to say I was really surprised to find a local producing a range of polishes that are

Hand Made, Non Toxic, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free!

Bella Belle Nail Couture is headed by Vicky a local mum and nail technician with over 14 years experience in the industry. Vicky has created a range of nail polish that is free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, TSF resin, Camphor and  DPB, all of which are toxins that are regularly found in mainstream polishes on the market today.

This is one of the polishes before being blended.

A Pretty Posy Polish before being blended.

Each polish is individually made, hand blended by Vicky in it’s own bottle.

These polishes are fun and colourful, very unique and totally guilt free!
There’s even one that changes colour!
Bella Belle Nail Couture is available online here or here
and at the upcoming

I never imagined that such a product existed and I’m so glad it does.

I am so pleased that Bella Belle will be joining us at A Plus Market – Frankston!

Come along meet Vicky, and try some of her lovely polish at

special A Plus Market day prices!
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