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A Plus Market (Preston)

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A Plus Market has been bringing together a wonderful selection of plus size fashion for you, for one whole year now.

That’s right A Plus Market is celebrating it’s FIRST BIRTHDAY this weekend!
And what better way to celebrate than with CAKE!

With absolute delight we are excited to announce that 100 of lucky A Plus Market goers will be sharing in free cupcake, generously provided by Natalie’s Cupcakes!

A Plus Market white cake

FREE CAKE! – Not one but 100 FREE CAKES!!!!!

“When? and Where?”, I hear you say.

Well as with any good 1 year old Birthday party the celebratory cake unveiling and traditional blowing of the candles time s a heavily guarded secret, it will be a surprise!
You are just going to have to be there, at the where (which is detailed below)
A PLus Market plate of cakes
And if now you are thinking, “Sad face, I can’t eat cake because I’m vegan” or
“Sad face, I can’t eat cake because I’m gluten intolerant”.

Well, Natalie’s Cupcakes are totally the answer.

You’ll be saying “Happy face, FREE CAKE!” because Natalie’s Cupcakes brings delicious, affordable cupcakes to everyone, but particularly those with food intolerances or avoidances.

All cupcakes are vegan and are easily made gluten free.
Natalie uses fresh, local ingredients to bring you innovative twists on traditional flavours.

As well as popping up at markets in Melbourne’s inner north, Natalie’s Cupcakes are available for your event: morning tea, afternoon tea, high tea, birthday party, engagement party, wedding, whatever you can think of!
The business is also expanding! Through a crowdfunding campaign, Natalie’s Cupcakes hopes to be able to bring you A Mad Tea Party: artisan teas and gourmet cupcakes delivered and served from bicycle!It’s part of her commitment to the environment and doing what she can do to reduce her carbon footprint.

 A Plus Market Natalie on her bikeHow awesome is Natalie?
You can find her online HERE or follow her on Facebook and better still come by
A Plus Market this Saturday!
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A Plus Market (Preston)

 caitlin testimonialA Plus Market loves it’s locals; local plus size designers, local makers and local artisans.


 Bhunny=Designs is a local jeweller, just starting out, who will be sharing her handmade creations with us this Saturday.

A Plus Market Bhunny designs 1

Each piece is uniquely hand crafted. The designs are funky, abstract and modern.

They are great with any look, whether for that all important board meeting or shopping on Chapel Street, taking a stroll down the Yarra, or all glammed up and ready to the paint the town red.

Bhavani the creative behind Bhunny=designs says she finally embraced her creativity after years in the corporate rat race.
“I never believed I was creative until I started ‘playing’ with the versatile nature of Polymer Clay and was excited with its endless possibilities.  
I make the designs I love, and I hope you like them too. “

Bhunny=Designs have a great range of necklaces, earrings and rings at a bargain price.

Bhunny=Designs will be available at this Saturday’s A Plus Market – Saturday August 30.
and can also be found online at or on

 Support your local designers, and top your new look off with the perfect unique statement piece.
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Marji & Jean

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston

Lucy testimonial

A Plus Market is a fun filled plus size fashion bazaar.

And Marji & Jean is one that definitely adds to the vibrancy of our events. So we at A Plus Market are chuffed that they are yet again joining us. A Plus MArket Plus size floral

Marji & Jean have become A Plus Market regulars and as such have been featured here quite a bit, see our previous posts HERE and HERE

We totally love having them along for the ride and thought this next feature we could get to know them and the brand a while lot better. The very lovely Lori, the lady behind Marji & Jean willingly obliged to answer a few questions I put to her….

. Your dresses are so colourful and fun, what draws you to such vibrant fabric?

I love to be surrounded by colour, I think having colour around instantly makes people happier. I love finding unusual fabrics that most people might not consider using for a dress.
 A PLus Market plus size shark dress

Who taught you or how did you learn to sew?

Marji & Jean is named after my two grandmothers who both taught me to sew, knit, crochet and anything else crafty that I wanted to try. They were very different, but both extremely creative and were both excellent teachers.

What’s your favourite part of the making dresses and selling them process?

You know when you find that perfect dress that makes you feel amazing every time you wear it? I love being the person that made that dress and made a girl feel special.
 A Plus Market plus size pink

What is your favourite fashion era? and why?

I love feminine pretty dresses from the 1950’s, when all women seemed to look gorgeous, but I also love the crazy, quirky fashion from the 1960’s and the fact that women stopped conforming to stereotypes about how they should dress.

What do you love about fashion?

I love that every woman has the opportunity to dress in a way that makes them feel unique and special, and that you can tell a bit about someone’s personality by the way they dress. My worst nightmare would be to live in a world where everyone looked the same.

What are some tips or your favourite ways to style your frocks?

My fifties dresses work really well for either a rockabilly look with pinup hair and cool shoes, or just as a super pretty dress with bare feet and a ponytail (the way I have always dressed!).
At the moment in this chilly Melbourne weather, I love to wear all my dresses with boots, tights and a big cardigan.
Meet the ladies and see the dresses in person
SATURDAY 27th of SEPTEMBER, 2015 IN FRANKSTON! fb banner A Plus Market Frankston

Naomi Jones & the Bare Bones

A Plus Market (Preston)

A Plus Market not only brings a huge diversity of plus size fashion both new and pre-loved, it also brings some great entertainment.

To celebrate our FIRST BIRTHDAY we are doubling our entertainment quota.
Along with our regular swing band Fire & Theft, we are very pleased to present
Naomi Jones & the Bare Bones.


Miss Jones writes songs from the heart and from her experiences of love lost and love found, of life and adventures abroad.

Having learnt guitar from her dad, inheriting singing from both parents, having learnt piano as a kid and clarinet during high school, she is an exciting performer and a multifaceted musician. She has sung in choirs, played in school ensembles and concert bands, played with jazz bands, solo and now fronts her own band the Bare Bones.


Naomi (as you can see) is a total babe, a lot of fun and has some kick ass powerful blues tunes.

Her debut EP Naomi Jones and the Bare Bones is currently available for free download on Bandcamp.

Check out her Facebook and Bandcamp pages for more or follow her on Reverbnation.

Or if you are really keen you can head down to the Retreat Hotel TONIGHT the 18th August, 2014 and get a up close and personal sneak peak.

What ever you do, make sue you head to the market, SATURDAY AUGUST 30!

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Sassy Kandles

A Plus Market (Preston)

Angie Big blossom pj testimonial
A Plus Market loves diversity and those that are gentle on the Earth.

So are very pleased to be showcasing,
Sassy Kandles.

Their range of gorgeous candles is both unique and eco friendly.

Each Sassy Kandles candle created uses 100% soy wax, an all natural, biodegradable product free of petrochemicals. But even better, each candle is presented in an original and unique sometimes even vintage container.

A Plus market Sassy 2 pouring
Each candle is hand poured by Susie, into an individually selected upcycled vessel, making each candle a one off creation in it’s own right. The only way to recreate each individual candle is to have it refilled, a service Susie is more than happy to offer at a reasonable price.
Make your home smell pretty with one of these lovely upcycled pretties, available from
A Plus Market, Saturday August 30.

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Hey Fatty

A Plus Market (Preston)

Lucy testimonial

A Plus Market brings such a diverse range of plus size fashion together, there really is something for everyone no matter their style.


For those that love vintage A Plus Market’s August Birthday market is going to thrill you as we have the fierce and fabulous ladies from Hey Fatty attending with their extensive range of pre-90’s vintage.

I’ve been privileged to work quite closely with both the ladies behind Hey Fatty as we form part of the organising committee for The Curvy Couture Roadshow. Through this experience I have got to know them well and am pleased to call them my mates. Here though you can get to know them too and of course find out more about their brand and what inspires them.
A Plus Market HF 3
Very kindly they have shared an interview they did recently with a pretty well known Australian Women’s mag, as they wanted to share the unedited story with us.

 How did HEY FATTY come about?

We both work in the same office and have been carpooling for about 5 years. In the car every day together we have plenty of time for ranting about everything we like and don’t like, and both being fatties it was natural for us to find a mutual dissatisfaction for the lack lustre plus size fashion available to us. As we’re both vintage and recycled clothing fans, we like to make our own fashion up and as it’s even harder to find anything above a size 16 in Australian second-hand stores, let alone unique pieces, Teresa joked one day that we should start our own business. We both stopped and decided it was no joke and have never looked back.

Where do you find your pieces?

We work with different wholesalers who source clothes from Europe and USA. It’s tricky because they are used to supplying stores bulk lots up to size 14, so we have to spend some more time sorting through stock to find what we need. We’ve found some really helpful suppliers who love what we’re doing. We also have private collectors or shopaholics who approach us and let us raid their wardrobe which is always fun. One contact has a huge collection and we’ve been convincing her for 2 years to let us come over, and a few weeks ago she finally said yes! We are always on the lookout for pre 1990s size 22 or beyond, as these are the hardest to find.

A PLus Market HF

Who are your customers? Young? Old?

Our customers range from young fashionistas who are looking for unique pieces to women in their 30s and 40s who are tired of cheap fast fashion and love clothes with a story, plus the women of all ages who are vintage fans with a passion for a specific era.
There is a real movement towards sustainable and ethical fashion with a lot of customers trying vintage for the first time, exploring bold patterns and unique cuts they would not have previously considered, which we love!

 What is the price range of your pieces?

Mostly we stock dresses and our pieces range from sleeveless simple cotton summer frocks to over the top vintage and retro evening wear with prices starting at around $30 up to around $60 depending on era, fabric and rarity.
We tend to focus on fashion from 1960s to 1990s with a more affordable price tag.

We rarely have items earlier than 1950s as prices then skyrocket and we are more about day to day fashion then rare collectible items.


How do you feel about the plus size industry in Australia?

There are so many great up and coming plus size specific designers in Australia, it was great to see them at the recent Curvy Couture Roadshow.

What is disappointing is that you don’t see these brands represented in major retailers, so the average shopper feels like there is little choice. If you go to a shopping centre you can find so much low end fast fashion in plus sizes but it’s still really hard to find quality, unique items like you can in Europe.

We’d just love to see more diversity and creativity in mainstream Australian plus size fashion, so hopefully buyers start investing in the local brands to lift the game for shoppers.

As we are focussed on vintage and recycled, we are quite niche but we know that if mainstream plus size fashion was more bold and interesting, we’d have more customers willing to experiment with clothes from other eras.
A Plus Market HF (2)

 Why the name Hey Fatty?

Well it is a bit tongue in cheek but also we want to turn the tables on using the word fat as an insult. We aren’t skinny and don’t pretend to be anything else so why not proudly call ourselves fatties and have some fun with our business name too?
At markets we always have people smile and have a laugh with us, it’s been a great ice breaker and of course gets people’s attention pretty quickly. Online we sometimes have people that don’t like the name but there will always be people that aren’t on the same page as us, but there are plenty more that are!

What is truly fabulous about the Hey Fatty ladies, is that they know their vintage and are styling gurus, so if you have been thinking “I like the idea of vintage but I never see anything for me, it just doesn’t seem to suit”, then this is your opportunity.
Say Hi to Teresa and Melissa on market day and let them play dress up’s with you, finding the vintage style that’s right for you.

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The Classic Future Fashion House

A Plus Market (Preston)

caitlin testimonial


A Plus Market loves fashion and believes the best way to top off the perfect outfit is with some gorgeous statement jewellery.

Our 1st Birthday Market on August 30 will be showcasing some fantastic array of fashion, both clothing and jewellery including some unique jewellery pieces from
he Classic Future Fashion House.

 The Classic Future Fashion House offers a large range of modern, classic and timeless necklaces and earrings. Each piece has been discovered sourced from ethical suppliers only found in a range of rural parts of the world.Fortuna one of The Classic Future’s founders says:

“From the depths of South America, to the hidden jewels in Africa, we collect materials and creations that speak to those who are bold, wild and adventurous.

By bringing pieces together from around the world, we are aiming to bring people together through the language and connection of fashion.”

If you are like me and always looking to expand your costume jewellery collection AND delight in chunky distinctive pieces, The Classic Future Fashion House is for you.
Come along and check them out August 30.

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A Plus Market (Preston)

A Plus Market loves independent and Australian made plus size fashion designers, and thus we endeavour to bring as many with as much variety as we can.
A Plus Market Cafe 6

August 30 sees CAFÉ an independently owned and Melbourne made label bringing a range of their samples to A Plus Market Preston.

Established in 1975, CAFÉ‘s trademark is value and comfort fit for plus sized women, sizes 12 to 26.

Loved by celebrity Magda Szubanski, CAFÉ offers a range of on trend pieces season after season. With relaxed, easy designs and quality fabrics, CAFÉ is a go to for all your wardrobe staples and work basics; tops, shirts, t-shirt, pants, jackets, stretch denim leggings and jeans.

Support your local, independents by making sure you check out the CAFÉ stall Saturday August 30 as there is sure to be something you’ll love amongst their range of new samples, especially when they’ll be at crazy A Plus Market prices.

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Hope & Harvest

A Plus Market (Preston)

A Plus Market is a haven for those of us who love fashion.
Each market brings an abundance of fresh designers and the upcoming August 30 market is no exception.

A Plus Market H and H 2

The ever fabulous and world renowned brand
Hope & Harvest
are once again bringing their gorgeous plus size collection to
A Plus Market.

Saturday August 30 will be great opportunity to check out their designs up close and personal and of course meet and talk with the ladies behind the brand.

Hope & Harvest’s new winter collection, The “Neo Noir” Collection is stunning and has had many great reviews. I personally can’t wait to try out the Noir Dress. It is stunning and seems to scream comfortable yet classically stylish. If I get my hands on one of these frocks I am sure to have it in heavy rotation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope & Harvest’s full collection (designed and made in Melbourne) has plus size women’s figures as the core inspiration. Being voluptuously curvy herself, designer Harvest really knows how to design clothes that inspire confidence and flatter plus size women.

“We get our ideas by thinking about what we want to wear. By looking at fashion that inspires us and using our experience to find a way to create pieces that really work for us” says Harvest.

Pretty Vixen

A Plus Market (Preston)

Pretty Vixen is the new label from one of A Plus Market’s first ever stallholder’s, Bec from Parlour Vintage.

After a huge response to online sales of her up-cycled and handmade skirts she was selling from her personal collection, Bec saw an obvious gap in the market for her style of fashion. With variations on the ballerina style skirt ranging from Rockabilly, Gothic, Classic Lolita and Mori Girl to  BoHo peasant skirts, women of all ages have been snapping up these skirts.
Soon, Pretty Vixen will be opening it’s new Etsy store with ready to wear and custom made options available to the world.
In the meantime, be sure to check out the multi season range of skirts available at the upcoming A Plus Market in Preston this Saturday.
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