Addicted to Cards

A Plus Market (Preston)

Handmade cards are a beautiful way to express your gratitude, happiness and all and any greetings you wish to share. A Plus Market this Saturday May 31 has a lovely range available from Addicted to Cards.
photo 1
Leanne the maker loves making cards, she says ” I think I have had this addiction since my early teens”. Leanne would buy cards and thinking they were to beautiful to use, so kept hold of them instead. She started buying two at a time, so she could give one and keep one to admire. Then of course she started creating. Thankfully so as now others can enjoy these delights.

Leanne makes a range of cards for many different wishes, experience and events and can also make them to order. Leanne runs workshops to share her tricks of the trade and also sells beautifully coordinated craft supplies.

Come along, support a local maker and buy some beautifully hand crafted cards for your friends and loved ones.
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Spotlight on a Stallholder – Belle

A Plus Market (Preston)

spotlight on a stall holder

One of the nice things about A Plus Market is that come market day, we all get to meet a bunch of new and like minded ladies. Better than that we meet them in an environment where we can literally raid their wardrobe. Each market has an army of women refreshing their wardrobes and whether it be from the inside out or the outside in, either way is just as fun.

Now, of the ladies that will be selling their pre-loved goodies, we have already met (well in the electronic sense) the lovely Ashley Rose. Ashley is instituting a major cull on her wardrobe in the lead up to Saturday May 31, now with just under a week to go until market day there is time to meet another.

I’m very pleased to introduce, Belle.

Belle is a gorgeous young lady who works in plus size fashion retail, spending time helping women from all different ages to find their style and create looks that suit their body shape. She has studied fashion design and visual merchandising, following in her families foot steps as both her grandmother and mother worked in fashion design and couture dressmaking.

Belle absolutely love’s fashion, so much so, she wants to share this love with the world and has started a fashion blog, Belle Park.
Belle’s blog celebrates everything to do with style and curves, check it out HERE.

I asked Belle the following questions:

Describe your fashion style?

My fashion style can be described as classic modern with an edgy twist.
I do love my classic black and white colours; I love a classic white shirt paired with an everyday black pair of tight skinny jeans but I also like to add a bit of an edge to my outfits, whether its studs, gold zips, fur, leather or my chunky black heels. It’s always fun and exciting.


Where is your favourite place to shop? why?

Unfortunately I can’t narrow it down to one place as I have many favourites. There are many more options for shopping for curvy clothes these days and hopefully we keep gaining more places to shop and create style. Plus I love that many more of the major retailers now are more generous with sizing and go up to an 18.

If your having one of those days when you feel less than fabulous, what piece of clothing do you turn to and why?

On days like this, black is my best friend. I turn to a stylish and comfortable black pair of pants and add a flowing non-figure hugging top, this is usually my ‘go to’ outfit. It still shows style but its more laid back and makes me feel less on show. I’ll add some statement jewellery so the rings, bracelets and necklaces become more of an eye catcher and make me feel more fabulous.


Do you have a fashion icon? why?

My fashion icon would be my mother, she has taught me everything there is to know about fashion and style. My love for fashion has grown so much over the years because everyday she inspires me. To this day fashion is the one thing we both love and share.


Do you have any tips for ladies thinking of starting a blog, which bloggers do you follow/most look up to/are inspired by?

My goal as a plus fashion blogger is to show no matter what size you are you can always look stylish and fabulous. Its lots of fun and you get to share you ideas and style with the world. I’m still very new to blogging, but the most important thing I have found so far is to have fun with it. I love fashion so much that I found having a blog is a great outlet for me to show my latest favourite trends, my latest finds and what inspires me.

If your thinking of starting a blog I would say – Do It!  I have found that you just have to be not scared to put yourself out there and to show everyone your style and be proud of it!

The  I follow many, many bloggers.
A few of my favourites, that I most look up to include Gabi Fresh, Nadia Aboulhosn, Tess Munster and Danimezza. They all have such good insights and style, I am always learning something new as they always have amazing ideas. I love being inspired by them.


What will you be selling at A Plus Market Preston this coming Saturday?

Everything! I have been so ruthless with my wardrobe this time round and I am selling some amazing pieces. They will range from size 16-24 and will be all well known brands, many that still have tags on.

Get ready because there will be some excellent clothing buys as well as some fab shoes and accessories. I’m very excited for the Preston Market and I can’t wait to see all your friendly faces.

A sneak peek of some of the things Belle will be selling can be seen at her blog HERE.

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A bear made this

A Plus Market (Preston)

Cute, fun and colourful describes to a tee,
A Bear Made This’
range of upcycled jewellery.

A Bear Made This made their market debut with A Plus Market earlier this year (remember the awesome scrabble initial ring I scored, pictured below) and I am excited to say will be returning to join us Saturday May 31.

My awesome $2 cardi and lovely ring from A Bear Made This

Necklaces, rings and other things including these very cute jewellery dishes.
jewllery dishes
You can find A Bear made This on Facebook – abearmadethis and instagram  @abearmadethis or better still at
A Plus Market – Preston

Saturday May 31 10 am – 3 pm
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Madame Tây

A Plus Market (Preston)

A Plus MarketPreston May 31 is also going to be home for a day to this awesome label Madame Tây.

Madame Tây is a ‘local’ label with a difference, this clothing project was conceived by four friends from Melbourne who now live in four different cities – Toronto, Hanoi, Dakar and Melbourne.
Working with small-business tailors in Vietnam and Senegal they create simple, handmade, ethically-produced garments.
For the four friends, this project is not just about the finished product, it is also about the process.

As a collective they say,
“While we have a passion for beautiful clothes, we also have ideas and questions around ethics, culture, travel, fashion, global manufacturing, trade and consumption, that we hope to explore in this endeavour.”

If you purchase a Madame Tây item, you can easily trace your garment’s origins back to the individual tailor who made it, and learn about the place where your item came from.
At A Plus Market – Preston on the 31st of May, Madame Tây will be showcasing a limited edition series of plus size garments in beautiful wax print sourced in Ghana and Senegal, including simple camisoles, cute peplum tops and a small range of dresses.

You can see more examples of the Madame Tây range here and here,
but better yet come along on Saturday May 31 and see them for your self.
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Organic Alexami Skincare & Cosmetics

A Plus Market (Preston)

A Plus Market is a one stop shop for all the beautiful indulgent things a lady may want; from gorgeous plus size clothes (news and pre-loved, designer and casual) to lovely one of a kind artisan jewellery pieces, any woman no matter her size can come and enjoy the select range of products available.

The upcoming A Plus Market on Saturday May 31 in Preston is no exception, there is a great selection of lovely things including this beautiful range of organic skincare and cosmetics by Alexami.


The Alexami Botanique Range combines the latest in ground breaking research and development of naturally active anti-aging botanical ingredients to derive natural products with proven results. The Alexami Botanique Range is all natural, containing organic natural ingredients and made from a unique aroma blend of 100% pure organic essential oils.

The Botanique range is free from PEGs, parabens, propylene glycol, silicones or derivatives, mineral oil or derivatives, SLS or artificial colours or fragrances. It is non-toxic, not tested on animals and eco friendly.
The lovely ladies manning the Alexami stall can advise you on the best products for your skin  type and which colours from their cosmetic range will best suit you, so make sure you stop by, say hi and indulge yourself.

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To find out more about the range before market day you can contact Siobhan direct via email

Misty Belvidere

A Plus Market (Preston)

Local, independent, exclusive, plus size designer label Misty Belvidere is having it’s A Plus Market debut at Preston May 31!

Miss Kate the designer of Misty Belvidere has been a loyal A Plus Market enthusiast coming to just about all the markets to date. So it’s a bit special that this time around a transition from shopper to stallholder will be taking place.

The Misty Belvidere label is one that doesn’t apologise and allows women to embrace the fun in fashion like their standard-sized sisters.

Designer Miss Kate says “All women want the same thing, and that’s to look and feel beautiful”. Her designs definitely follow this sentiment.

Misty Belvidere’s latest collection MERMADIA recently enjoyed rave reviews at it’s appearance on the Curvy Couture Roadshow runway. Now attendees of the upcoming A Plus Market will be able to get up close and personal with these gorgeous garments.

Personally, I am excited to be able to check out the collection as I totally missed that particular runway on the day and have sadly been left with only photos and tales from the many that fell in love with the range,
in particular THAT sequined frock (not pictured).

Misty Belvidere works on a pre-order basis, you can order at the market or online and have peace of mind that each design comes in small quantities, bringing an element of exclusivity.

Miss Kate will also be selling pre-loved pieces from her I will  personal wardrobe. This lady has a keen sense of style and fun, so definitely a stall you’ll want to check out.

For those that can’t make the market Misty Belvidere can be found all over the social networks, look out on the day on Instgram via @mistybelvidere and #mistybelvidere for all the updates.
Check it out and follow 🙂

See you Saturday May 31!
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Andi McCann Personal Styling

A Plus Market (Preston)

This market around A Plus Market is delighted to be hosting a new kind of stallholder. Andi McCann Personal Stylist will be coming along to meet and greet and promote her new local studio (it’s just down the road from our Preston home in Thornbury).

Along with personal styling, wardrobe edits, corporate branding, personal shopping and workshops, Andi’s focus is colour analysis.
“What’s this all about? What does it mean?” I hear you say, well that’s what I said.

Andi is the best person to explain, so definitely save the date (Saturday May 31) and come along, say hi and ask a whole bunch of questions.

Here, though is a bit of what Andi told me (in response to all of my questions) about her services.

Andi explained Colour analysis is fun, it’s liberating and powerful.
Choosing the colour palette that best suits you, will help make you look younger, healthier and bring out your inner glow.”

Do you know what colours suit you and how to wear them?
Are you a Warm or Cool tone?

 “As we as we age, our colour changes, so it’s a great idea to update every 10 years.”

A colour analysis session with Andi McCann usually takes around 1.5 hours. You’ll not only find out which colours suit you, you’ll also talk makeup and experiment with a range of lipsticks and eye shadows that complement your tone.

Each consultation service includes your own unique colour wheel (that fits into your handbag, so you can take it shopping) and an e-book.

The colour analysis service will provide you with knowledge and tools to take away so you are armed to go shopping, no other appointments required.

Here’s the best bit, Andi is offering a 15% discount off any colour analysis service booking that is made at the market!

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Spotlight on a Stallholder – Ashley Rose

A Plus Market (Preston)

spotlight on a stall holderIn the online plus size fashion world us ladies are lucky to have a wide variety of fashion bloggers to draw our inspiration from. This A Plus Market we are very fortunate to be able to not only gain some inspiration but directly pillage one of my favourite’s,
Ashley Rose!

Ashley Rose, Pretty in Pink. Photo by Danimezza

Ashley Rose, Pretty in Pink

Ashley Rose has been brutally culling her wardrobe and will unleash it’s contents at the upcoming
A Plus Market in Preston!!!!!

To whet your appetite, Ashley has agreed to give us a little bit of info on herself, her fashion and what she will be selling on the day, plus some awesome fashion and shopping tips.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Melbourne plus size fashion blogger who adores her city, I could not imagine living anywhere else in the world! I love thrifting and antique shopping, with a penchant for all things classic!

Why do you blog? Why do you think your blog resonates with so many women?

I blog because I love fashion, all fashion for all women that is. This is what I believe has turned my blog into much more than I ever dreamed. I believe what resonates with so many of my readers, is my undeniable love for fashion and combined with such a lack of physical plus size publications, many women are turning to online blogs for style inspiration.

Describe your fashion style?

Classic with a Modern Edge. I have a wardrobe of quality staple items, but like to mix it up with vintage and current trend pieces.

Where do find your fashion inspiration?

I read Vogue regularly and enjoy the challenge of trying to convey the runway trends into plus size fashion. I also browse Australian fashion blogs by Jessica Stein and Nicole Warne. However on a daily basis I check over curvy blogs like A Girl With Curves, GabiFresh, Nicolette Mason and gain the most inspiration from all the fabulous street style from the ladies I follow through Instagram (See who I follow here @thisisashrose)

Do you have a fashion rule that you impose on yourself?

I have absolutely no rules. My Style is ever evolving and I don’t wish to ever confine that.
However, when shopping I have three basic rules;

–          Can I wear it with three or more basics already in my wardrobe?

–          Is it a Basic or Fashion trend piece? (This will always determine who much I am willing to spend, due to cost per wear)

–          How many similar pieces do I already own? (More than two and ill put that item straight down!)

–          If I am Thrifting, I have no rules!

Fashion rule that you love to break?

All of them! Stripes, White, Denim on Denim.. the list is endless!

What do you think should be in every ladies wardrobe?

I have always believed that the basis of a good wardrobe comes from the level of well-cut basics it contains. These pieces should be a higher quality, with a good cost per wear ratio and able to be blended season to season with your cheaper fashion pieces.
Here are a few;

–           A plain black, well cut blazer.

–          A neutral blazer (Stone, Blush or White are good starting points)

–          A well-fitting pair of blue & black jeans.

–          At least two good quality Black and White T-shirts (I also like to steer clear of cotton as I find they age quicker, I look for woven fabrics!)

–          As above but sleeveless or singlets.

–          A fitted plain skirt.

–          Two collared shirts (One coloured and one neutral is good)

–          Two plain knitted pieces.

This list may not be for everyone, however I find that with these pieces and a handful of fashion pieces (usually printed or textured fabrics) I can make many many outfits!

What will you be selling at A Plus Market Preston? 

The question is really what am I not selling!
This is the biggest clear our of my wardrobe I have ever done!
Many of the pieces will either have been worn once or be brand new with tags and I will have sizes from 14 – 22, with a small collection of shoes and accessories.

Want to know more about Ashley Rose? or see sneak peeks of what she’ll have on offer come market day?
You can find her in the following places:

I’m sure you don’t need anymore convincing, be there or be square.
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Bok Bok B’gerk


Another Ballarat local that will be showcased at A Plus Market this Saturday, Bok Bok B’gerk creates a range of wooden laser cut jewellery, made with the eco-friendly wood of the Alderwood Tree.

If you like your jewellery bright, fun with a bucket load of charm, then Bok Bok B’gerk is for you.

Necklaces, brooches and earrings form the core range, though there are some cute little girl hair clips, that are so adorable that they could add a fun accent for a more playful hairdo.

The colourful pieces are painted by hand. I really like these pieces and find the asymmetrical earrings particularly charming.
cup of tea earrings

You definitely don’t want to miss the Ballarat A Plus Market as in addition to this great local handmade jewellery there is a fabulous range of plus size clothing on offer.

Though, if you really can’t make it to the market this weekend, Bok Bok B’gerk is available online and offers a really fun subscription service – Earring of the month club, You can get a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and receive a pair of wooden laser cut earrings each month for the duration of your subscription.

Some months the earrings will be of the hand painted/resin variety, other months they will be plain alder wood.  One thing is for sure though, you’ll never receive the same pair of earrings twice no matter how long you subscribe for.
What a great gift, awesome and FUN!

So see you on Saturday?


Hope & Harvest


Now those who have been following A Plus Market, have probably figured out that I can get pretty excited about the stallholders we showcase. Now, this market around there are no exceptions and if truth be told my excitement levels have been turned up a notch.

The upcoming A Plus Market is not only in an extra beautiful building but there will also be some extra awesome stallholders too.

So without anymore adieu I’d like to announce that the wonderful and fabulous
Hope & Harvest
will be joining us at A Plus Market Ballarat, Saturday May 3.

WOOOP! and even better news is that they aren’t just joining us they will be totally bringing IT
Go A Plus Market Prices!

For those in the know – you’re probably now as excited as me and those who haven’t heard about Hope & Harvest yet, here’s a little education.

Hope & Harvest are local designers based out of Melbourne/Ballarat who have been named by Madison Plus N.Y.C & Essence Magazine as one of the top plus size labels in the world. How amazing is that!

Just as exciting, Hope and Harvest have just been featured in Volup2 magazine, you can see it HERE, Pages 53 to 73.

I really like lots of Hope & Harvest’s designs as many have that cool BOHO feel while others have that little bit of allure (and some  a lot) and all are available in sizes 14 to 26.

Harvest, one half of Hope & Harvest’s design team says,

“We get our ideas by thinking about what we want to wear. By looking at fashion that inspires us and using our experience to find a way to create pieces that really work for us”

I guess that’s also why the designs work for so many of us.

So now back to what’s happening at A Plus Market on Saturday May 3.

Hope & Harvest will be showcasing both new season and SALE stock with as I said before

But wait there’s more.
Become a Hope & Harvest VIP and get 20% off everything, this is in addition to the already reduced stuff. You’ll need to sign up before the market and take your VIP number along with you on market day.
Sign up as a Hope & Harvest VIP HERE.

AND by coming along to A Plus Market Ballarat you’ll get a chance to WIN a $100 Hope & Harvest Voucher!

So save the date, get the girls organised for a road trip and get along to Ballarat Saturday May 3