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A Plus Market (Preston)

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A Plus Market offers you a chance to meet and greet the designers behind our favourite plus size fashion brands.

Hope & Harvest is a regular at A Plus Market and thankfully so as Harvest (the head designer of the brand) is one bubbly lady AND their clothes are rocking!
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Hope & Harvest is recognisable around the world for its sleek, urban and glamorous take on ‘desk to dinner’ essentials. But what their loyal buyers really appreciate, is the distinct pleasure that comes with wearing high quality garments that have been engineered for curves, by designers with curves.
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For Hope & Harvest garments don’t just look good – they inspire confidence, are functional and comfortable.  Yes… the ‘c’ word! Every woman feels good when she looks her best, which is why the team at Hope & Harvest implement their engineering expertise to create exceptional pieces with the highest grade quality and fit, as well as cutting edge design, to make you feel your best.

Buying Hope & Harvest pieces not only represents an investment in high quality fashion, you’ll find yourself reaching for them as your ‘go to’ wardrobe essentials time and time again.

The team behind Hope & Harvest love coming along to A Plus Market too, saying

“A Plus Market is a great opportunity to be involved with a positive community event. As a Melbourne designed and manufactured brand, Hope & Harvest is proud to be involved.”
“Being mostly an online business, being at A Plus gives the team a chance to meet with their customer base face to face. It gives the Hope & Harvest customers a chance to touch, try and buy the garments, and because it is a market- the stock is always reduced so it is a great chance to grab a designer piece for a bargain price.”

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Spotlight on a Stallholder: Sarah

A Plus Market (Preston)

spotlight on a stall holderThe grand opening of A Plus Market’s new Preston venue is going to be a plus size fashion bonaza! We have around 50 stalls!

Another of our pre-loved plus size fashion sellers is the very lovely, Sarah.

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Sarah is obsessed with FASHION!! saying,

“I live, work and breath fashion.”
“I studied fashion design at uni and have been working in the industry for over 5 years. I currently work for a fashion wholesaler who designs and make clothes for some major retailers. I also work on plus size accounts which is really fun!”


“The thing I love most about fashion is that you can transform yourself into anything you want to be. “


My personal style is a mix of the new and the old. My style is a mixture of 50’s, boho chic and the sleek look of minimalism.”

Best summer fashion tip?

I love summer but fear the whole chaffing issue… my summer tip would be to invest in BB cream! It allows me to wear all those cute summer dresses and skirts without having to worry.

 Do you have a piece of clothing you just can’t part with even though you don’t or can’t use anymore? What is it and why do you love it?
When I was younger I was a dancer and I have a collection of dance costumes that I would never get rid of. Obviously I will never ever wear them again however I could never get rid of them because they bring back so many great memories. In fact, I think they are the source of my absolute love of sequins and anything that glitters
What do you think should be in every ladies wardrobe?

My essential is a really great Leather Jacket. I’ve had mine for over 7 years now and I can’t tell you how many times it has saved my outfit! It’s just so versatile, you can wear it with a cool t-shirt and a pair of jeans and back with a dress or skirt. My only issue is finding one in plus size, I think there needs to be more out in the market.

 Why are you having a stall at A Plus?

Over my time working in the fashion industry I have collected my fair share of clothes! It would be nice to make some room in my wardrobe to buy new ones!


 What are you selling?

I have a good mix of dresses, tops, jackets, pants and skirts in sizes ranging from 16-20. Some of the items are samples that I worked on that never made it into retail stores (so they are one-offs)


Come and raid Sarah’s outfits, THIS SUNDAY!

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Spotlight on a Stallholder: Seny


spotlight on a stall holder

A Plus Market is all about fun with fashion and sharing not only ones wardrobe but also style, fashion  and body positive advice and stories.

One of our pre-loved plus size fashion sellers is Seny.

Seny 2

Seny has recently turned 25 and now works as a personal banker. Whilst studying for 5 years at uni, Seny couldn’t spend much money on clothes and shoes and bags, so became a keen bargain hunter,  made her own creations my own creations and used accessories to change a whole outfit. This has now changed, working full time, Seny’s found her shopping stride, saying,
“I LOVE to shop, online in stores where ever. Shopping is my stress relief.”

For fun Seny says
 “I love going out every weekend and wearing a good set of heels and dancing where everyone can see me (what’s the point having a hit outfit if no one sees). I also enjoying playing soccer and am part of the herbalife community which has completely changed the way I look at my health.”
Describe your style?
I’m a bit of a mix depending on my mood. My daily (non work) routine would be jeans and a good bonds t-shirt with oversized sunnies and a good set of flats or sandals. While I do work in the corporate world it can be a little boring wearing black and white all the time, which is why I look to stand out a bit with bright heels or red lipstick or even a pair of my red glasses. But when the weekend comes, I’m all about wearing the right clothes for my body type. I’m a hour glass and I LOVE to show my curves off. I like figure hugging low cut dresses, as I like to draw attention to my best features.
Seny 3
What’s your favourite thing about dressing fro summer?
Thongs. Love them. I have size 10 feet and they are very wide so it’s hard for me to find shoes that fit. So when summer comes along I LIVE in my thongs. Can’t find anything comfier then them. Clothes wise I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a good maxi dress.
Stripes or spots?
Personally I like stripes. They look  classy and can work a number of ways. Blocking stripes with a plain colour can work great. So a stripy top with a plain black skirt always looks good either,with heels for a night time look or flats for a more day look. I find mixing and matching is the key.
Why do love fashion?
I love fashion because for me it is like therapy. Either shopping online or going into a store I am in my own “me” time.  Fashion can change every season, finding a statement fashion piece that suits my body type is a fun challenge.  I also love that I can express myself through fashion. During the week my work wear is like a uniform, no fun at all. When it comes to after work and weekends  I can express myself and show people my personality.
Fashion is unique, if your dressing for your own style you cant go wrong. There is honestly no “ wrong” fashion. Its all about finding what is unique to you and going with it and not giving a damn what society thinks
Why is fashion recycling important to you?
I think it is important because there is so many clothes that would go to waste year after year if we didn’t reuse them. Even though you might no linger like a dress, it could be the perfect thing someone else is looking for.  One simple dress that you are just not fond of anymore can make another person’s night and greatly improve and increase their confidence when they are in it.
I also love bargains. Just because one dress was bought for $500 and another for $5 doesn’t amake them better or worse than each other. People should still be able to spoil themselves with new clothes no matter their budget, markets such as A Plus are fantastic to for this.  As the say goes on persons trash is another person’s treasure.
Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?
I have over 4 wardrobes at home that are packed full of clothes I never wear. Yes shopping can make you happy but it can also get to the point of having no where fit the clothes. It’s time to let the extra pieces go, so I can make more room and then buy some more clothes.  Plus I want to share my fantastic buys with other lovely ladies that would enjoy these clothes as well.
What will you be selling at A Plus Market?
Dresses, skirts, tops, singles, jeans, jackets shoes, flats, wallets, accessories, bras (new), shorts, you name it ill have it. The majority is all new with tags and all will be selling for a great price.
If you have size 9-10 feet come to my stall, you’ll be in luck as I will have lots and lots of shoes to sell a lot of them new and never been worn.  A lot of my dresses are from overseas so can’t be found here in Australia.
Majority of my clothes are a size 16-18 with some shorts that are a size 20-22. But hey you never know until you try it.  Also pop buy if you need accessories, ill have scarfs belts jewelry clutches and sunglasses BUT while stocks last, come down before its all gone.
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What can $50 buy at A Plus Market?


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A Plus Market is a mecca for all budget savvy plus size fashion lovers.

if you want to find great plus size bargains &
be introduced to some fabulous independent plus size designers A Plus Market is the place for you.


Just before our last market we offered one lucky person a shopping spree free of charge. The very lovely Jenny was the winner and had $50 to spend on what ever she fancied at the market. Here’s what she picked up.

Jenny A Plus 2

What a shopper, what a haul!

What did you pick up?

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