Markets and Community


Markets and Community is a website that promotes local markets, fairs, events, stallholders and online businesses. It’s a great place to stop by (virtually) to help plan your weekend!

Markets and Community also has a great social media presence. Their Facebook page offers a weekly list of many markets and events that are happening near you. You can follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

The vision of Markets and Community is to help connect people with small business and community events. Focussing on getting small business noticed in this large virtual world and helping community organisations promote their markets and events free. Helping to get as many visitors as possible to events.

Nitty from Markets and Community

Nitty from Markets and Community

Markets and Community also run networking events for stallholders and online businesses with speakers relevant to their businesses. My personal experience with Nitty (the founder of Markets and Community) is that she will go above and beyond to connect people and relevant businesses.

Stallholders and online businesses can list their services on the Markets and Community website. The listings connect the businesses to all the markets and retailers they sell at.

Summer Giveaway 24012014

Markets and Community are in fact giving away some three month listings.

If you are interested in joining Markets and Community please send us an email at for an info pack.