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 A Plus Market has found yet another local celebrating size diversity – MadLegs!

MadLegs are making their A Plus Market debut at the perfect legging time and the perfect legging place – Ballarat!


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MadLegs leggings come in both women’s and girl’s sizes with the adult size ranging from 8 through to 22. From the school to the sports and fashion field – they’ve got you covered!
Proudly made in Melbourne!
All are ideal for those that have allergies as the leggings are cotton rich. And one of the best bits MadLegs Leggings are available almost every colour of the rainbow!

It’s wonderful to be exploring the amazing local makers that are celebrating us plus women.
For those that can’t make it out to Ballarat on Saturday 29 August but want to check out the MadLegs brand, rejoice as MadLegs will also be joining us on Sunday September 13 in Preston!

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Hope & Harvest


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Here at A Plus Market we love being able to bring you the best of Australian plus size fashion to each and every one of our markets.

The upcoming market in Ballarat is no exception with one of favourite regular stallholders Hope & Harvest attending.
brand and pic

Hope & Harvest aren’t just attending they are BRINGING IT!

They will be holding their End of Season Sale with a HUGE 50% OFF current stock and 70% OFF sale stock!

The market is just a few days before Hope & Harvest jet set over to NEY YORK CITY to showcase their next collection at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.

They are the only Australian brand and one of three International brands to be invited to showcase at this prestigious event. it’s exciting and an honour which should be both celebrated and congratulated!

Having such amazing brands on our doorstep and so readily available is definitely something we should be supporting. So make sure you come along on Saturday August 29 to wish Hope & Harvest well on their journey.

Don your Hope & Harvest designs and get featured on their IG and FB pages AND of course grab some amazing bargains.

And for those not yet familiar with Hope & Harvest – they bring an innovative and fresh approach to the Plus Size Fashion Industry.  A Young and Modern label offering directional designs all designed and manufactured in Ballarat!

Check them out at their website

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Spotlight on a Stallholder – Amy


spotlight on a stall holder

A Plus Market loves bringing you a diverse range of plus size fashion.

Regularly A Plus Market gets to be home for the day of some of Melbourne’s best fashion bloggers. This market around is no exception as we are honoured to be hosting Amy AKA Willowcurves!


It’s pretty exciting as this lady has some serious style! And some serious smarts too.
Check out the below Q and A where she shares tips for fashion and body pos. vibes.



Firstly please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a Tassie girl living in Melbourne, I’ve been here for about 8 months and I lived in Perth WA for two years before that. I love fashion and colour and creativity. I would love to be a stylist one day or something in the fashion industry, at the moment I am a project manager working in health and education.

Describe your style?

Bold, colourful, sometimes daring, often sparkly. I don’t have much of a distinction between my casual clothes, my work clothes and my going out clothes (except the sequins!). You’ll never catch me in track pants and I’m rarely even in jeans (though I’m getting more into them). To me every day is a chance to dress up and try something new – getting dressed in the morning is my favourite part of the day!

Where has your style evolved from?

Growing up in Hobart there weren’t many plus size options, and I love a good rummage, so I ended up doing a lot of op shopping. I love to search through the racks and I enjoy the thrill of the chase – never knowing if you’ll go home empty handed or hit the jackpot. The great thing about fashion is that things generally come back around in a 20 years cycle so I often find things at the op shop that are on trend, at a fraction of the price. I try not to be a slave to trends, but I do like to work them into my outfits. I find that by op shopping I can try something out without having to pay a lot.

Where do you gain inspiration from?

I find Instagram such an inspiring community, both for body positivity and amazing style. I love following bloggers like @iambeauticurve @gabifresh and @stylishcurves who have really elevated put together preppy styles, @splendid_rags who is the master of colour and @winnipegstyle who has the best collection of accessories. Plus Aussies like @thisisashrose who has such an effortless style, @ellecurve who is my queen of jumpsuits and colour and @waituntilsunset who wears such fun and bright outfits. Honestly there are hundreds upon hundreds of incredible people out there to draw inspiration from!

What are the fashion rules you love to break?

I’m not a fan of rules – plus size girls shouldn’t wear white, you shouldn’t wear this or that, blue and green should not be seen and all of that.


I think if something makes you feel good and powerful wear it!


Who says sequins for brunch is too much?! Who says you can’t clash prints? And I know that I look incredible in white!

Favourite fashion era and why?

Being a bit of an op shop fiend I have a little bit of everything. I’ve been enjoying that the 70’s is back with all the fringe and flares (and I think suede will be huge in the coming season). I love the bold colour and proportions of the 80’s and ladylike styles of the 50’s. I don’t think there is an era I don’t love!

What are your tips for becoming and staying in a body positive mind set?

My biggest tip is to be kind to yourself. I live by the principle that if you wouldn’t say it to your sister or best friend than you should never say it to/about yourself.

Body positivity is a journey and there is no eureka point when everything falls into place, but if we make an effort every day to be kind to ourselves (and others) we’ll all be taking positive steps on that journey.


The other thing I would love to see is for people to build each other up. If you see someone wearing a banging outfit tell them! If someone nailed their eyeliner, or is wearing wicked shoes, or did something outside their comfort zone encourage and support them. Whether it is a stranger, a friend or yourself – recognise the accomplishments we make every day!

Do you like dressing for winter? what are the biggest challenges you find?

I love winter, coming from Tasmania I’m pretty used to cold and wet weather. People often default to darker colours in winter but I love wearing pastels and white. Although I am looking forward to spring!

Please share some winter fashion tips?

Don’t gravitate to the dark colours, try injecting some colour and pattern into your winter wardrobe. It could be through a great scarf, a bold coloured coat or pull out a summer dress and add some stockings.

You have amazing eyebrows! How do you do it – what are your eyebrow secrets?

I get a lot of comments about my eyebrows! I have a scar which means about 1/3 of my left eyebrow is missing so I draw it in every day. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in dark brown with an angled brush to add in the tail of my brow and tidy up the shape. I pluck them myself and try not to mess too much with the shape. I actually have a couple of YouTube videos that include my eyebrow routine if anyone wants a step by step look!

Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?

The wardrobe space in my Melbourne apartment is TINY (I miss my huge Perth wardrobe!) and I have a serious shopping addiction so I need to make some space. Plus it’s great to come to the market and meet everyone (and maybe pick up a couple of new things!). I’m looking forward to coming to Ballarat as it will be my first time – I’ve already scoped out where the op shops are!

What will you be selling at A Plus Market?

I have a bit of everything including tops, skirts, jackets and dresses. I will have some vintage and sequin pieces as well! So come and say hi, I’d love to meet everyone!

Find Amy on Instagram  @willowcurves , check out her blog at AND be sure to come along to A Plus Market – Ballarat – Saturday August 29!

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Madame Majestika

A Plus Market (Preston)

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A Plus Market has more to offer than plus size fashion!

This market round we have our very own tarot reader, Madame Majestika will be offering up some hidden insights.

Have you ever wished that Fate would give you a little push in the right direction?
Are little lingering doubts keeping you awake at night?
Or are you just curious as to what the future might hold?
Using the medium of Tarot Cards, Madame Majestika will weave the confusing threads that surround your troubles and questions into a path to take, some gentle guidance or words of advice. Nothing scary and nothing intrusive, no need to spill deep dark secrets!

Let your curiosity be your guide and find your way to the Madame’s table this Sunday.

Basic Readings: $7

2 for 1 Mother’s Day Special: $10

Detailed Readings: $15

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Friends of A Plus: Rhiannon aka Flossylox


A Plus Market is not just about awesome plus size fashion, it’s also about community.

Getting together with likeminded women and exploring and experimenting with fashion  is fun!

One of our regular shoppers and stallholders is the hip and happening Rhiannon, aka Flossylox (check out her awesome social pages Fb and IG) totally unprompted but very much appreciated review/testimonial!

Rhiannon's entirely purchased from A Plus market outfit!

Rhiannon’s entirely purchased from A Plus market outfit!

My name is Rhiannon and I am an A Plus Market Addict!

Okay I said it, I am addicted to not only having my own stall at the market but attending with other curvy babes! I have had my own stall at the market on three occasions and it was not only liberating, it was fun! This is not just because fashion is my EVERYTHING but also because I could shop at ease in a supportive environment full of women who loved their bodies and themselves!

Rhiannon at her first A Plus Market Stall (second A Plus ever!)

Rhiannon at her first A Plus Market Stall (second A Plus ever!)


Meeting all the lovely women who share similar passions and who also have experienced the struggle of finding places to get outfits is always fun. I love being able to walk in and know that stalls would cater to my fabulous curvy figure it is a breath of fresh air!

Rhiannon and Fashion Hayley at the most recent A Plus!

Rhiannon and Fashion Hayley at the most recent A Plus!

Another fantastic thing is it’s a mix of new and old. Best of both worlds vibe and items are very well priced. Erin makes sure that everyone feels comfortable, is set up in an area that is good for them and is always up for a good chat about what’s going on in the plus size world.

If you haven’t visited the market yet do yourself a favour and book in a day shopping with your gfs! You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks so much Rhiannon, it’s so great to receive such fab feedback!
And also what a great time to congratulate Rhiannon on her recent achievements, kicking goals in the latest Skorch Mag! Woo Hoo!
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A Plus Market offers a huge variety of plus size fashions.

At the May 10 market A Plus Market will be welcoming Jambu.

jambu is  a plus size fashion retailer that offers Indonesian style fashion up to a size 22.

Jambu 1

If you are after a poncho or Kaftan you’re in the right place.
jambu 2

Also in Jambu’s range are cardigans and an exciting colourful range of jewellery.

Get along to A Plus Market to see this range for yourself.

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Mamma Van

A Plus Market (Preston)

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Shopping A Plus Market is all round fun, fabulous fashions and lovely ladies, times a plenty. The sheer number of quality clothes to check out can make it a hungry job.

That’s why we have now enlisted an awesome food van to meet our culinary desires.

Mamma Van will be with us at Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre this Mother’s day, May 10 and they will be serving a tremendous selection of yummy foods!

Sliders 1Sliders 2
AND CHURROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the next market is the same day as Mother’s Day, Mamma Van are offering a two for one on their Churros! Though only if you rock up with your Mum.
That’s right two for one Churros! (only with Mum present). That’s a present in itself!

We’ve also got some other nice things planned for the perfect Mother/Daughter day out. So diarise ladies, and start dreaming about Churros, and sliders and………………
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Spotlight on a Stallholder: Seny


spotlight on a stall holder

A Plus Market is all about fun with fashion and sharing not only ones wardrobe but also style, fashion  and body positive advice and stories.

One of our pre-loved plus size fashion sellers is Seny.

Seny 2

Seny has recently turned 25 and now works as a personal banker. Whilst studying for 5 years at uni, Seny couldn’t spend much money on clothes and shoes and bags, so became a keen bargain hunter,  made her own creations my own creations and used accessories to change a whole outfit. This has now changed, working full time, Seny’s found her shopping stride, saying,
“I LOVE to shop, online in stores where ever. Shopping is my stress relief.”

For fun Seny says
 “I love going out every weekend and wearing a good set of heels and dancing where everyone can see me (what’s the point having a hit outfit if no one sees). I also enjoying playing soccer and am part of the herbalife community which has completely changed the way I look at my health.”
Describe your style?
I’m a bit of a mix depending on my mood. My daily (non work) routine would be jeans and a good bonds t-shirt with oversized sunnies and a good set of flats or sandals. While I do work in the corporate world it can be a little boring wearing black and white all the time, which is why I look to stand out a bit with bright heels or red lipstick or even a pair of my red glasses. But when the weekend comes, I’m all about wearing the right clothes for my body type. I’m a hour glass and I LOVE to show my curves off. I like figure hugging low cut dresses, as I like to draw attention to my best features.
Seny 3
What’s your favourite thing about dressing fro summer?
Thongs. Love them. I have size 10 feet and they are very wide so it’s hard for me to find shoes that fit. So when summer comes along I LIVE in my thongs. Can’t find anything comfier then them. Clothes wise I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a good maxi dress.
Stripes or spots?
Personally I like stripes. They look  classy and can work a number of ways. Blocking stripes with a plain colour can work great. So a stripy top with a plain black skirt always looks good either,with heels for a night time look or flats for a more day look. I find mixing and matching is the key.
Why do love fashion?
I love fashion because for me it is like therapy. Either shopping online or going into a store I am in my own “me” time.  Fashion can change every season, finding a statement fashion piece that suits my body type is a fun challenge.  I also love that I can express myself through fashion. During the week my work wear is like a uniform, no fun at all. When it comes to after work and weekends  I can express myself and show people my personality.
Fashion is unique, if your dressing for your own style you cant go wrong. There is honestly no “ wrong” fashion. Its all about finding what is unique to you and going with it and not giving a damn what society thinks
Why is fashion recycling important to you?
I think it is important because there is so many clothes that would go to waste year after year if we didn’t reuse them. Even though you might no linger like a dress, it could be the perfect thing someone else is looking for.  One simple dress that you are just not fond of anymore can make another person’s night and greatly improve and increase their confidence when they are in it.
I also love bargains. Just because one dress was bought for $500 and another for $5 doesn’t amake them better or worse than each other. People should still be able to spoil themselves with new clothes no matter their budget, markets such as A Plus are fantastic to for this.  As the say goes on persons trash is another person’s treasure.
Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?
I have over 4 wardrobes at home that are packed full of clothes I never wear. Yes shopping can make you happy but it can also get to the point of having no where fit the clothes. It’s time to let the extra pieces go, so I can make more room and then buy some more clothes.  Plus I want to share my fantastic buys with other lovely ladies that would enjoy these clothes as well.
What will you be selling at A Plus Market?
Dresses, skirts, tops, singles, jeans, jackets shoes, flats, wallets, accessories, bras (new), shorts, you name it ill have it. The majority is all new with tags and all will be selling for a great price.
If you have size 9-10 feet come to my stall, you’ll be in luck as I will have lots and lots of shoes to sell a lot of them new and never been worn.  A lot of my dresses are from overseas so can’t be found here in Australia.
Majority of my clothes are a size 16-18 with some shorts that are a size 20-22. But hey you never know until you try it.  Also pop buy if you need accessories, ill have scarfs belts jewelry clutches and sunglasses BUT while stocks last, come down before its all gone.
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Spotlight on a Stallholder – Fashion Hayley!

A Plus Market (Preston)

spotlight on a stall holderA Plus Market has the best pre-loved plus size shopping of anywhere.

The variety and size range that is available in one place at one time is amazing and can’t be compared. So many amazing women in an effort to lovingly rehome each of their fashion pieces joins in.

At the next market we are excited to be have the one and only Fashion Hayley on board!
Fashion Hayley is a Melbourne fashion icon. Hayley is one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers, she is City Chic’s resident blogger, but is perhaps best known for, a blog chronicling her personal style for over eight years. As a stylist, Hayley has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands, on shoots with top models such as Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale, Ruby Rose and local plus size model Teer Wayde.

Not only do we get to meet Hayley faced to face, shop her wardrobe we also get to know her here a little better.

Firstly can you describe your fashion style?
My style is very quirky and eccentric with a soft girly side to it heavily influenced by the streets of Harajuku. I am obsessed with pink and have coined the hashtag #pinkcore to describe my look as I am pink right down to my core. I wear a mix of high end labels, plus size brands and of course vintage and mix them all up in a way that is truly unique to me.
Where do you gain inspiration from?
The street’s of Harajuku in Tokyo are a big influence on my style. Having lived there and gotten to know and become friends with the designers and creators who make Harajuku what it is it’s hard not to get inspired by it all. There is a unique fashion culture of dressing with no fear that just resonates heavily with me. I love how they embrace new things and use fashion as form of creative expression.
What is your blog about and why do you do it?
I’m currently blogging and styling and working on freelance projects full time – which is a dream come true. My blog is a personal style diary featuring my latest outfits, DIY projects, inspiration and travel photos. I like to discover new and up and coming designers and feature them on my blog and I’m always featuring the latest new boutique openings and fashion exhibition openings happening in Melbourne. My unique sense of style is reflected in every post – expect lots of colour, accessories and quirky fun. 
What fabulous experiences have you had because you started your blog?
I have met so many wonderful people thanks to blogging, and made some fabulous friends around the world. Some of the best experiences have been being flown to New York for the inaugural Young Fat & Fabulous conference in 2010 hosted by Gabi Greg of Gabi Fresh blog. I have also travelled all over Australia as the guest of fashion weeks, fashion competitions, conferences and exhibition openings. Appearing on ABC’s Art Nation and Chanel 7’s Today Tonight are also highlights, as is being featured in magazines in Australia and overseas, from Cleo to the New York Times and Vogue USA, its kinda crazy really and I’m very thankful for all of it.
What’s the fashion trend you’d prefer to forget?
I don’t believe in regrets in fashion as there’s always a reason why I loved a certain piece at the time and chances are it will come back in fashion down the track anyway. That’s not to say I haven’t made any fashion mistakes but I don’t regret any of them because they were all learning experiences.
What are the fashion rules you love to break?
Another thing I don’t believe in is fashion rules. So many of the so called ‘rules’ for plus size dressing are simply wrong. Apparently horizontal stripes are a big no-no for us curvy girls but I think they actually look incredible as the line’s draw the eye in and highlight the curves in all the right places. If anything I believe in breaking all the rules and dressing however you feel because that is when you’ll look the best as confidence is the best accessory you can have.
What style tips would you give curvy girls?
My wardrobe is a mix of designer labels, vintage and plus size brands. My number one tip for curvy girls is to TRY THINGS ON! Seriously – I have pieces in my wardrobe ranging from size 12 to 22 and the reason for this is sizing varies so much between stores. A designer dress in size 12 may be cut in such a way or in a stretch fabric that can work over my curves and look amazing. Get to know what shapes work on your body and soon you’ll be able to scan a store and know exactly what will fit as soon as you walk in the door. Don’t get disheartened when things don’t work out though, I try on a lot more than I buy but am never left with that ‘if only’ feeling as at least I gave it a shot.
Why are you having a stall at A Plus Market?
I recently moved house and saw just how much clothing I have that I don’t actually wear. It’s time to do a big clear out and what better way than at a market dedicated to plus size fashion.
What will you be selling at A Plus Market?
Lots and lots of clothes – vintage, plus size and a few designer pieces, as well as jewellery, bags, shoes and other accessories too!
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Marji & Jean

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Angie Big blossom pj testimonial

A Plus Market aims to open your eyes to new and different locally made plus size fashions.

One of our favourite local’s Marji & Jean definitely helps us do just that.


Marji & Jean are becoming staple stallholders at A Plus Market. Each occasion though they bring a fabulous new frock for us to peruse.

Marji & Jean recreate the 50’s swing and 60’s go-go with bright, colourful and above all fun fabrics. With sizing ranging from 16-26 if you are after a timeless pretty piece or zany dance all night threads, Marji & Jean have that perfect one of a kind dress for you.
Come along and check out these glorious frocks fro yourself, Sunday 22 Feb!

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