Spotlight on a Stallholder – Ashley Rose

A Plus Market (Preston)

spotlight on a stall holderIn the online plus size fashion world us ladies are lucky to have a wide variety of fashion bloggers to draw our inspiration from. This A Plus Market we are very fortunate to be able to not only gain some inspiration but directly pillage one of my favourite’s,
Ashley Rose!

Ashley Rose, Pretty in Pink. Photo by Danimezza

Ashley Rose, Pretty in Pink

Ashley Rose has been brutally culling her wardrobe and will unleash it’s contents at the upcoming
A Plus Market in Preston!!!!!

To whet your appetite, Ashley has agreed to give us a little bit of info on herself, her fashion and what she will be selling on the day, plus some awesome fashion and shopping tips.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Melbourne plus size fashion blogger who adores her city, I could not imagine living anywhere else in the world! I love thrifting and antique shopping, with a penchant for all things classic!

Why do you blog? Why do you think your blog resonates with so many women?

I blog because I love fashion, all fashion for all women that is. This is what I believe has turned my blog into much more than I ever dreamed. I believe what resonates with so many of my readers, is my undeniable love for fashion and combined with such a lack of physical plus size publications, many women are turning to online blogs for style inspiration.

Describe your fashion style?

Classic with a Modern Edge. I have a wardrobe of quality staple items, but like to mix it up with vintage and current trend pieces.

Where do find your fashion inspiration?

I read Vogue regularly and enjoy the challenge of trying to convey the runway trends into plus size fashion. I also browse Australian fashion blogs by Jessica Stein and Nicole Warne. However on a daily basis I check over curvy blogs like A Girl With Curves, GabiFresh, Nicolette Mason and gain the most inspiration from all the fabulous street style from the ladies I follow through Instagram (See who I follow here @thisisashrose)

Do you have a fashion rule that you impose on yourself?

I have absolutely no rules. My Style is ever evolving and I don’t wish to ever confine that.
However, when shopping I have three basic rules;

–          Can I wear it with three or more basics already in my wardrobe?

–          Is it a Basic or Fashion trend piece? (This will always determine who much I am willing to spend, due to cost per wear)

–          How many similar pieces do I already own? (More than two and ill put that item straight down!)

–          If I am Thrifting, I have no rules!

Fashion rule that you love to break?

All of them! Stripes, White, Denim on Denim.. the list is endless!

What do you think should be in every ladies wardrobe?

I have always believed that the basis of a good wardrobe comes from the level of well-cut basics it contains. These pieces should be a higher quality, with a good cost per wear ratio and able to be blended season to season with your cheaper fashion pieces.
Here are a few;

–           A plain black, well cut blazer.

–          A neutral blazer (Stone, Blush or White are good starting points)

–          A well-fitting pair of blue & black jeans.

–          At least two good quality Black and White T-shirts (I also like to steer clear of cotton as I find they age quicker, I look for woven fabrics!)

–          As above but sleeveless or singlets.

–          A fitted plain skirt.

–          Two collared shirts (One coloured and one neutral is good)

–          Two plain knitted pieces.

This list may not be for everyone, however I find that with these pieces and a handful of fashion pieces (usually printed or textured fabrics) I can make many many outfits!

What will you be selling at A Plus Market Preston? 

The question is really what am I not selling!
This is the biggest clear our of my wardrobe I have ever done!
Many of the pieces will either have been worn once or be brand new with tags and I will have sizes from 14 – 22, with a small collection of shoes and accessories.

Want to know more about Ashley Rose? or see sneak peeks of what she’ll have on offer come market day?
You can find her in the following places:

I’m sure you don’t need anymore convincing, be there or be square.
preston may flyer

Spotlight on a Stallholder – Mandi

February 2014 A Plus MArket - Frankston
spotlight on a stall holder
Once again A Plus Market will be busting at the seams with pre-loved goodies and it’s always nice to get a sneak peek beforehand, as well as getting to know one of the stallholders a bit.This time round we are meeting Mandi.

Mandi is one half of the Mooey and Melly team

Mandi is one half of the Mooey and Melly team

I’ve met Mandi before as she has previously had a stall at A Plus Market, so I can vouch for her fun loving nature.

Mandi is a mum and step mum to 5 kids (what a trooper). If that’s not enough Mandi; also works part time, runs a plus size facebook site, Mooey & Mellys’ Mega Mayhem for BBW (more about that below) and has a regular market stall selling vintage & collectables (Lilydale Trash 2 Treasure every Sunday). I’m tired just reading that!

So I put some questions to Mandi in a hope that you’ll get to know her and her wares alitttle better before Saturday.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Hmmmm, I don’t think I have any 1 style…. I can be conservative (if needed), but prefer to be a little bit hippy, a little grungy & a little girly.

What’s your must have summer fashion item?

Funky sunglasses & blingy thongs

 If your having one of those days, when you feel less than fabulous, what piece of clothing do you turn to and why?

Something bright & fun to lift my mood, even if its only adding a retro scarf!!

Do you have a piece of clothing you just can’t part with even though you don’t or can’t use anymore? What is it and why do you love it?

Yes, a very shabby, hand knitted jumper that is purple with the Eiffel Tower & the word Paris in bright pink & green I  brought it from a market when I was 19, it is my comfort piece of clothing & falling apart….. I love it.

Is there a fashion rule that you love to break?

Hahahaha, I think I have broken them all by now !!!
Wear whatever makes you feel special, be confident.

Favourite event to dress for?And why? And what would you wear?

I adore getting dressed up to go out with the girls, I like to bling up with lots of bracelets, knee length skirt over some funky leggings a bright retro t & a floaty lace jacket….. and don’t forget the wedges….. let your hair down & live n laugh.

Tell us a little about your facebook site and what you’ll be bringing to A Plus market.

I believe that each & every woman regardless of size should be able to feel funky, comfortable & wonderful in their clothing.  Together with my bestie Melly (who lives in QLD) I run a facebook page – Mooey & Mellys’ Mega Mayhem for BBW.  We specialize in sizes 26 – 32 & have a huge range of garments; T’s, cardi’s, leggings, sleep wear, lingerie & accessories, that are not only comfy & funky but also affordable.
A selection of Mandi's clothes that are up for offer at  A Plus Market.

A selection of Mandi’s clothes that are up for offer at A Plus Market.

I am thrilled to be able to share our finds with others at the A Plus Market and I’ll be bringing lots of gently loved items from size 18 – 26 too.
Come down, meet Mandi in person and shop up a storm THIS SATURDAY!

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet? Click the image above and it will take you there.

Have you clicked JOIN on the FB event yet?
Click the image above and it will take you there.